Galliera PM vs Sully PM

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  1. Hello all! I need your help!!! I'm thinking about getting rid of my Sully for the Galliera... Good idea or Bad idea?!?! I would love to hear from those that are owners of the Galliera!
  2. I have the Galliera and love it. It is my only LV non zip bag but fell in love with the shape and brass plate. The sully was too slouchy for me. Why do you want to get rid of your Sully?
  3. I prefer the sully over the galliera.
  4. I'm just not in love with it,and sometimes when it's on my shoulder I can't get in it like I'd like to. That was my only concern with the Galliera (no zipper). But I love the shape :smile:
  5. the Galleria is my favorite bag! But now, I am looking at the Sully! LOL!!
  6. They are both great bags. Both very lightweight. One has a zipper and the other one does not. My only issue I has with my Galliera PM was after putting my items inside the bag wouldn't stay snapped shut.. Yes you can wear it with the open top which didn't really bother me. The Sully has zippers and the more items inside the less the bag slouches. Also the Galliera will get some black marks on the vachetta from the rings. You won't have that problem with the Sully.
    This is a tough battle lol cause I really looooved my Galliera but I have to say I really loooove my Sully just a much :smile:
    Good luck deciding.
  7. I love my Galliera! Even with tons of stuff inside it is always so comfy!