Galliera PM Metal Plate is lifting up... Would it fall off over time?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I came across this picture of the metal plate on the Galliera PM looking as if it is lifting up - I can see the canvas underneath -- Do you know if over time it will fall off altogether?

    I am interested to buy a Galliera PM but I worry this may happen in the future...

    Any Galliera Owners out there can advise if this has ever happened? Does anyone have their metal plate just falling off completely?

    Thanks very much!

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  2. A close friend of mine has a Galliera that is 6 years old and she has seriously abused the bag. The plate is still intact.
  3. I think it could with time but I didn't here a story about it here yet
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    I've never heard of this happening so i doubt it. But I spoke to an SA and apparently you can purchase the plaque for approx £40 and they fit it for you. So that would be an option to consider if ever anything did happen to it :smile:
  5. It's not lifting up. That's the leather curling up!
  6. Oh, yeah, as above, if you mean the leather curling then no, because it's stitched on so can't come off anyway
  7. ^^^

    I have same slight curling on my Galliera GM and I'm definitely hard on her. I've had no probs or concerns that her plate'll fall off.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input ! ;)