Gallery tote.. side pockets?? help!

  1. I recently got my lovely ruby patent leather gallery tote and i am puzzled with the side pockets.. what do you put in there? is it just there for decoration? the area is very slim and my hand barely fits in there. If you put anything bulky it will make it pop out..

    Does anyone use these pockets? if yes what do you put in there? maybe tissue?:nuts:
  2. I've got wine-coloured patent gallery tote (one of the larger ones from the outlet from this past fall) and I can't really use the side pockets for anything. It's too much of a pain to get anything in or out of them so I don't usually bother. Sometimes I'll put my lipstick and a packet of kleenex in them but most of the time I just don't use them.

    I've also got a chocolate brown signature gallery tote from fall '06 and I can't use the side pockets in that either, other than for lipgloss or kleenex.

    Even though they're useless, I like the way they look, though, with their cute little turnlocks :lol:.
  3. i think it's more for decoration of the bag......
  4. I use my side pockets every blue moon. My keychain is the Coach hangtag item so sometimes I slip the tag into the side pockets with the keys hanging out. Or if I have a pen, I'll slide it in there.

    Other than those two things, I don't use it at all. It's just decoration otherwise.
  5. I have the holiday patchwork gallery tote from 2006- the most I ever put in the side pockets was lip liner and one of those lip gloss/perfume roller pens-- its hard to actually fit much in there!
  6. I don't use the side pockets at all. I can't fit anything in them.
  7. they're there so you can play with the cool turnlocks...... lol
    I think they're kinda pointless otherwise
  8. I have the black patent gallery tote. I don't use my side pocket at all. :smile:
  9. The only thing I slip in the side pockets is my ID tag for work. Otherwise I think it's mostly decoration.
  10. I wouldnt even try to put anything into those pockets on my patent mahogany gallery tote because I wouldnt want the shape of the bag to get bulged out. I think they are just a cute decoration - useless, but cute!
  11. I have a gallery tote and if my cell was smaller I could put it in there... Otherwise I think its just for decoration.. perhaps keys if you only carry a few .

  12. cell phone???
  13. decoration. I don't even use front slip pocked on gallery totes...I dont' want them to become stretched out and look weird.

    yeah, i need help
  14. I don't put nothing in it either, its just for the look of it, but like the rest say, small items will fit!
  15. it does make nice decoration =) i woudlnt want the leather to stretch so i doubt i will use it as well