GALLERY SIGNATURE TOTE Owners...Need your opinion!!!

  1. Ok, so, I've decided that after I pay my major bills I am getting this purse...the new GALLERY SIGNATURE TOTE, the regular size, not the large one, probably in chocolate :drool:

    So, I'd like to hear what you guys think? I own 2 other bags smaller than this one...
    I bet it fits a lot inside and its what I am looking fot

    Thank ;)
  2. First I love gallery totes, and sencond the chocolate color rocks!! You will LOVE this bag. Cant wait to see pics when you get it!
  3. I love that they made the bottom stronger on the new ones. I love this bag, and it is beautiful in chocolate. Congrats in advance!
  4. Thank you =)
    OMG...I can't wait! Next month I finish paying my car & whoooooo hooooooo
    trip to COACH :yahoo:
  5. I love my signature gallery tote! They can hold a lot and it's all easy to get to!