FYI: rouge vif toilet case...

  1. is in stock at BalNY!!! I just spoke to Joseph. It is $495.00. I know some people are looking for that (smallfry?).
  2. Ohh zac..... good investigated - thank you :flowers: :love:
  3. ^^^you're welcome! I shouldn't have called b/c I really want one!:lol:
  4. Thanks zac, for remembering :heart:

    I think the one they have is the larger, more rectangular one. I am pretty sure I want the mini one, but they aren't getting that size.
  5. Ooooooooh ... me too ... I want the Toilet Case (god, I HATE that name though!!).

    Oh yeah ... before I forget - Barneys NY/Copley (Boston) has the Rouge Vif Money (the smaller wallet).
  6. CeeJay they have the Toilet Case in London if you ever pop by again on your business trips! ;)
  7. I am so confused by all these names! Is the toilet case like the one Tanja has- in her thread somebody stop me?
  8. I agree- the name TOILET CASE is awful!:throwup:
  9. Yes, but they have two sizes...the one Tanja has is the mini. Thats the one I want :nuts:
  10. How much is the mini? The large is $495.
  11. I paid 255€ which is about 330$ but because all Eurupean designers are a bit more expensive I would think it'll be around 400$ ish or a bit less. Theresa has still some of them in grenat left. If you want I get it for you and send it over, Zac. Wouldn't be a problem at all.
  12. OMG! I can't wait to get my hands on one! I like the smaller one though. Darn! Its 1:19am in NY now. I wish I can wake up Joseph in his sleep and order one right now:smile:
  13. OMG! I can't wait to order one. I like the smaller one though but this is better than nothing. Its 1:23am in NY. Gosh, I wish I can wake up Joseph and order one now! I admit, I'm an addict :smile:

    Oops..sorry, I didn't notice I posted this twice.
  14. ^^^Did you call Joseph yet??? What color did you get?
  15. :heart: Thanks Tanja!!! That is so kind of you!!!:heart: I have to decide between the small and the large. Does anyone have a picture of the large toilet case? Does anyone know the measurements of both sizes?