FYI : Looking For these bags?

  1. Just got back from LV.
    I wanted to let you all know that the LV in Palm Beach Gardens Florida has :

    All the Denim walets & small items,
    Stratus GM,
    Patchwork Posty,
    Patchwork Bowly,
    and that big patchwork tote bag thing.

    They also have one LVOE satin bag, and the LVOE phone charm.

    I didn't buy anything today. Wasn't really into it.
    I did get a funny shirt that said "REHAB IS THE NEW BLACK", but that has nothing to do with LV :sweatdrop:
  2. Thanks for the update! I love the quip on your new shirt, btw :p
  3. They also had a patchwork little make up bag thingie.
    It was grey.
    Forgot to add that.

    they also had some pomme looking sunglasses.
  4. Thanks for the info!!
    I love the displayed pic of LV handbag in your signature!! Is it limited eddition!! Do you think i will find the same in my country!! I have never seen like this style in Dubai
  5. Oo, PBG, FL Louis Vuitton...that's my closest boutique...I'm 5 minutes away. =) Thanks for the update.
  6. Did you find the Bowly Denim patchwork Louis Vuitton - I am thinking of purchasing one I have one hold till tomorrow - If so how do you find it. I was wanting it for a travel on board bag and a large showpiece handbag (I have the grey/black deium on hold)

    Let me know ... do you think I should just bit the bullet and buy it?
  7. Thanks for the information.
    Can you tell me what color the Patchwork Posty is?
  8. :roflmfao: That shirt is hilarious, Lolly...
  9. Tee hee...I like your shirt. :lol: