FYI about USPS and insurance

  1. Hi, so I just received a package from my eBay auction ( FORESTA BELLA!!!) and I had to go pick it up at the post office because I had paid extra for insurance. When the woman brought back my package, it was in one of those foam-like paper envelopes and had fragile stamped on it. She looked at it and said, "Fragile? Is there something breakable in here?" and I said yes, but it's insured so it should be alright.

    Then she said no, insurance is VOIDED if the damage is due to the sender not packaging it correctly.

    So basically I had paid $12 bucks shipping plus $2.30 for insurance, and the seller only put it in two of those envelopes with no tissue paper at all! So if it was broken at all, I wouldn't have gotten anything for it! And Priority Mail shipping boxes are free, and cost the same in shipping as those envelopes!!!

    I almost feel like teaching the seller a lesson and breaking the qee and telling her how I can't get insurance for it since she didn't package it well enough!!! :cursing: Evilbay strikes again....
  2. The EXACT same thing happened to me yesterday. I bought a Bella and paid $12 for shipping plus extra for insurance and it was just in an envelope.

    Not cool. Especially because the boxes ARE free.
  3. This is good to know.
  4. Yeah,
    I got a Paradiso Bambinone from the Southampton Outlet & it was shipped in a thin plastic bag with no padding. The thin plastic bag( UPS grey shipment bag) was torn but luckily my bag was not ruined.
    I was soo mad because I paid $8.50 for the shipping. At least, the SA could put my bag in double layers of plastic bags just in case the outer layer of the plastic got torn apart.
  5. There's no excuse for the Southampton outlet to be shipping tokidoki mdse in those flimsy envelopes. That's what they shipped my stuff in and it had to go all the way across the country ... UPS is not careful w/packages. My caramella got here and the qee's arm was broken off b/c of the flimsy envelope. They sent me a replacement qee but :wtf: . Then they shipped my bella bella in the same envelope, folded in half!!!! I was :mad: I mean the hardware on that bag could've come in pieces. They are stupid :lecture:

    As for the evil eBay sellers what the :censor: is wrong with them?? It seems like they're just trying to make $$$ off of us by cheaping out on the shipping :shrugs: I guess they don't realize those priority boxes are free? That's the only rational excuse I can think of. That seller would've had to refund your $$$ if your bag was damaged. If she already left you positive feedback, you should write her a nasty letter. :wtf:
  6. Wow. I would be mad. To me 12 dollars can go to anything else. i paid 21 dollars for shipping but I haven't got it yet. Hopefully she packaged it right.
  7. Yeah from now on, IF I buy anything else from EvilBay, I'm going to ask the seller to please use the FREE Priority mail boxes since it costs the same in shipping.

    Hopefully your package was packed well then Kawaii_sweets! 21 dollars is a lot!
  8. No kidding! Southhampton shipped my bella bella & carmelita just thrown into one of those plastic ship bags too....and there was a rip in it from tissue, no bubble wrap...nothing! But luckily the bags were okay. There is no excuse...they treat their products like they came from a garage sale! Seattle's outlet shipped all of mine in cardboard boxes wrapped in tissue.

    At least Chezmia (who I bought my full price foresta bag from on eBay who had it listed wrong but credited me $10 for it) shipped my bag in a priority box. But it cost me $15 ! ! ! ! !
  9. No kidding. There is no excuse from those larger companies to be shipping in flimsy bags. I like how Seattle stores wrap stuff up all nice. Most of the stores I go to there always wrap up stuff. :smile: But still, I ALWAYS ship my stuff in boxes, if double bagged if the purchaser requests the cheapest shipping. Otherwise, I won't ship my stuff until I have a box with lots and lots of tissue to wrap it up in.
  10. There is no excuse for lazy shipping habits. It's not hard to box something up! You can even use the free priority boxes for non-priority if you turn them inside out LOL