FYI ( about New DKNY Raw Denim Line )

  1. For those who want total control over the wear and tear of their jeans, DKNY Jeans will release a capsule collection this December. Consisting of jeans, skirts and jackets made of raw indigo denim, each piece is coated with resin and contains 2% spandex to mold to the wearers individual shape. Each item will also be sold with a piece of sandpaper and instructions to aid consumers in personal wear and tear of the garments
  2. :wondering Interesting!
  3. wow and how much is the make your own clothes going to cost?
  4. Sounds good in theory but probably won't work quite as well in practice. Plus, I can see a flood of jeans being returned to stores because people will mess up the process. Heck, I bet I probably would!
  5. wait a second...i thought the whole reason we spent 100s of dollars on designer denim is because it's way broken in and feels like your fave pair?? why would we want to do it ourselves? :blink::smile: