Fushia Perf Bandeau on Eluxury NOW

  1. Out of stock already!


  2. Wow, that was fast !
  3. Going to check it out today at the LV store, hopefully they'll have it in orange. I love the way it looks on your Batignolles, Selena :biggrin:
  4. Is there a certian time of day eLux puts stuff up, or is it continuous?

    I'm dying for one in fuchia!!!
  5. OMG how can it be out of stocks already!??
    I'll check with my local boutique then..
  6. I checked late last night and grabbed the perf. bandeau in fuschia. I'd suggest checking at night. I've always had good luck - 10, 11pm PST.
  7. ooo im looking to get one i think when i get paid, for my speedy or do you think it would look odd?? also with jeans maybe? in the summer
  8. I just bought the orange one today at LV :nuts: It looks cute on a Speedy, the SA let me practice tying it onto a 25, since that's how I would be using it. It took a couple of tries to get it right, but it looks adorable :love: gucci girl, using it as a belt with jeans is a great idea - I think it would look great with dark denim!
  9. yer thanks, ok settled! lol pink one it is :biggrin: :sad: gucci shoes will have to wait for me in the store for a week or two till i get some tax through lol!
    :sad: ive been working alllllllll day to help get money god im knackered! im in school so im not used to working all day, just being lazy sitting around for hours on end is my usual day hehe
  10. Hey Cristina - I plan on tying mine to my Speedy too. Do you have pics of how you tie it? Thanks.

    And I agree that wearing it with jeans is so chic!
  11. Hi!

    I don't have pictures yet, I just got home from work and the bandeau is still in the bag... hidden from the bf :shame: :P I will try to take photos tonight, but if I don't post them, then I definitely will tomorrow night! The way I tied it was kinda funny - first, fold the scarf in half. Then, fold it a quarter of the way, roll it to make a "tube", then tie it onto the Speedy handle and arrange it. It's kinda like doing your hair, you fluff it and fix it 'til it's just right, then don't touch it! :P
  12. Oh, oh, I want to see pictures! :P
  13. im getting all excited about getting one now, i might even have to make the trip upto manchester to get one in the store instead of online... omg im going at the beginning of next month for a uni open day anyway and i would have been paid then :biggrin::biggrin: im soo excited yay!!! i wont be able to settle now i cant wait. Its all ill be thinking about in work tomorrow when i want to go home lol
  14. Oh, I can't wait to see the pics! I want either an orange or fuschia. Does the orange just seem to give the Speedy a little more punch than the fuschia??