Fushcia Neo Speedy Owners, how much do you love it?

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  1. Ever since reading ichelle's post I have been obsessing about the Neo Speedy in Fuschia. I just bought the Blue Baggy PM last month and love it, but the Fushcia is sooo pretty. The thing is that I would have to buy it off of elux which is priced 100 more than it would cost in Hawaii (althought there are none left in Hawaii) and I would have to pay 40 for shipping. All of this is making me feel guilty and I want to be sure that I will LOVE the bag. I did got to LV today and look at the blue and thought it was cute (but don't want two blue bags). Anyway, those of you with the Fushcia, do you use it a lot and what colors/clothing do you wear it with. Does it hold alot? Is it easy to care for? ANything else that can help me decide?

    Thanks in advance ladies!!!!
  2. hi! i don't have anything in denim but i've seen the fuschia speedy and I LOVE IT!! but i know what you mean about "the bag growing on you"....

    if in doubt about the color or anything else about it - better not!! if you're really in love with it, then why not get it. or you can always sell the denim if the speedy is what you really want... :smile:
  3. The denim Fuchsia Speedy holds a TON of stuff.......The color is TDF, but I would never wear it myself, IMO
  4. I think the bag is gorgeous and love the colour but wouldn't wear that colour myself.
  5. I had the blue denim pleaty and wished it came in the fuchsia color. I would wear it.
  6. If you find that you wear a lot of neutrals then a flash of pink is just lovely to make an outfit zing. It's so springy/summery too. I totally love it!
  7. would you consider eBay for one? you mention the price factor, that is why i mention it. or maybe let-trade will get one in....
  8. I Have one and I absolutely love the color plus it holds a lot of stuff :smile:
  9. Since you've been obsessing over it, I say GET IT:woohoo:. It's one of my fav bags and it can be worn casually. Here's also a pic of what it's able to hold.

  10. Thanks for this post because I am curious about this bag too. I absolutely LOVE it. It's just so damn expensive for a denim bag. I never thought I would ever spend that much on any handbag but here I am contemplating it as well. I love that color and think it would be perfect to carry all spring and summer.
  11. Thanks evveryone, after deciding to buy the bag on elux. i read the fine print and they don't ship LV or Celine things to Hawaii so I'll be checking out eBay and let-trade for one in good shape. In the mean time I am going to go ahead and get my Cabbas Piano.
  12. well that's a beauty as well and will be better to hold some of the new baby's stuff too, right?
  13. Haha, well that's my excuse!

    We'll see what I actually end up with....if I can find some nice scarves I still may end up with a Noe!!!!
  14. i have the fushia in the baggy pm and love it:heart:
  15. I don't have anything in denim but would really love baggy pm in fuschia!!!! I think that would look great with pretty much everything in blue...and a good change from blue.

    too bad they don't ship to Hawaii...just like they don't ship to Canada :sad:

    hope you get one soon!!