1. Has anyone seen this colour IRL?

    Many thanks!
  2. I saw the large veneta in this color, it's a dark pink, very beautiful...
  3. Where did you see a fuchsia bag? Do you have a link to a web pic?
  4. This colour? ~the pic is from the celeb thread.

  5. I saw one at NM Palo Alto. I;m not sure it's the new fuschia because the SA didn't familiar with the color naming or maybe the old collection (have they had any fuschia color in previous collection?)
  6. I am a BV newbie, so I don't know. :confused1: I have seen a dark pink flap shoulder bag on Bluefly and wondered if that was the same color. But after seeing the pic on SJP, hers looks more vibrant. It seems like stores/websites have lots of names for the same colors and it confuses me.
  7. Is there even a "new" fuschia colour? I've also seen the hot/dark pink bags on Bluefly and wasn't sure if they were new or old (or exactly what colour they were - it can be so hard to tell with Bluefly pictures). I'm so confused...
  8. The fuschia color that I saw at NM, is exactly the same like the fuschia flap bag at bluefly.
  9. Thats the new resort colour cassis. SJP's Julie bag is from a few seasons ago. My sister has the same bag and the colour is nothing like the new cassis.
  10. I`m pretty sure the bags on BlueFly are in the colour called Quarzo from S/S 2007 (or was it resort, I get confused with the pre-collections all the time!)
  11. I'm sorry I goofed...thats not the Julie bag. I skipped over the pic too quickly! There was one bag on Bluefly that is the new colour but its disappeared!
  12. Which one was it...the flap bag? I emailed a fuchsia loving friend about that one.
  13. Yes, it was the flap.
  14. The pink flap was gone from Bluefly last time I looked, but there was the little shoulder bag in what looked like the same colour still there (reorder by "New Arrivals" and it was one of the first few that comes up). So do we think those are/were cassis? The cassis on the BV website seemed more reddish pink than pinkish red like the Bluefly bags, but it is so hard to know without seeing the colours IRL as photos can be misleading - and although I do think there were some quarzo bags also on Bluefly I just don't think, even with the iffy Bluefly pictures, these two were quarzo. But cassis does sound plausible.
  15. I knew I could rely upon my PF friends to have the correct colour name. It is called Cassis and the BV sales lady was clueless. I went to see it yesterday and it's very pretty. But I have a very old Fendi suede bag in that colour and my heart is torn between Mustard or the on sale Royal veneta in lavander/grey which is TDF and half price!! Oh what to do.....