Fuschia and Frambois Vernis...same thing??

  1. I am not familiar with the vernis lines...but when I see listings on eBay, I'm seeing Fuschia and Frambrois....are they the same thing and their just calling the frambrois, fuschia?

  2. They are actually two different colors --- the fuschia vernis came first. :smile: Don't know when the fuschia was released though.
  3. fuchsia was released in 2003 i think. it is more bright with purple undertones. framboise was released in 2006.
  4. [​IMG]

    here's a pic of fuchsia and framboise next to each other ... fuchsia is more bright & shiny and framboise is more sparkly and a bit lighter.



  6. framboise is a lighter shade of pink compare to fuchsia
  7. Yup, Fuchsia is brighter and Framboise has more shimmer in it. I'll post one of my own comparison pics in a minute.
  8. Here we go..the Pochette wallet and the Lexington are Fuchsia and the Houston is Framboise.
    100_4124.jpg 100_4126.jpg
  9. Thank you guys so much for the pics for comparison that helped so much!

    Now....is the fuschia already discontinued and it's the framboise that is going discontinued now?
  10. Fuchsia is discontinued, yes, and technically framboise is also discontinued; there are just random items still in stores.
  11. Were there used to be fuchsia agendas available? Just wondering coz I've never seen those around at all.
  12. nope, the agenda was never made in fuchsia.
  13. Thanks for the info. :yes:
  14. I'm sorry to bring up an old thread but those look really similar and hard to tell apart. I have a framboise vernis houston bag and I wanted a wallet to match...but now I'm afraid of buying the wrong color on eBay. Other than blue tones and sparkles is there another way to tell the colors apart??

    Many thanks...might be time to get the old eyes checked.....haha...sigh

  15. Well, sometimes it's hard to tell on pictures online, but if you can get a read of the date code, you'll be able to tell easier. The Framboise came out in 2007 and the Fuchsia was out in 2002/2003 so if the piece has an older date code, it's the Fuchsia.
    Also, if you're looking for a Pochette wallet, the Fuchsia Pochette wallet only had 2 credit card slots, both in the front of the wallet, none in the back. The Framboise has more slots and they're in the back too.
    Hope that helps a little!