Furla bags

  1. Hello girls,

    I'm Italian and I use to buy Furla bags as IMO they're very good at a reasonable price.
    I'm just curious to know if this brand is sold in the Us and Uk and what you think about it.


    P.S. I'm NOT doing any marketing research!
  2. I love Furla! When I was in Rome I wanted to buy everything in all the boutiques! Furla is sold in the US but I don't own any
  3. I love my furla farrah. bought it here in the u.s.
  4. Hey there! I never went to a Furla boutique, but a furla outlet. Their jewelry was too cute, but they only had ring finger sizes and I wanted a middle finger ring. I did buy this little popsicle zip up that I hope to keep a nano in.
  5. I actually got my bag at Nordstrom. Never saw their jewelry...photos?
  6. My dad's wife just bought 3 furla bags at the outlet! LOL She got awesome deals!
  7. My sister & I bought our Furla bags at Saks, Bloomies, and Nordstrom.
  8. I bought my white zip side Furla at the downtown Seattle store - i love it! It was on sale for $220, is a simple white tote and is great quality for the price - the sleepers they come with a really pretty too!
  9. I don´t have any but I love the look of them.
  10. Furla handbags are mainly sold through department stores in the UK.

    There is a Furla store on Bond Street in London (which is like Via dei Condotti in Rome.) The availblility of furla and the price difference between the UK and Italian prieces is so big! I always thought Furla (an coccinelle) were high end desingers untill I first went to Italy and saw stores on almost every main shopping street.

    I always keep my enye out whenver I got to Italy, I'm just waiting for that Furla that will realy grab my attention.:wlae:
  11. Well, I didn't think they were so much appreciate! I'm going on holiday now, but I promise I will show you my bag collection, including a white Furla bag with multicoloured stripes I love...and I get compliments from everyone, men too!
    If you want to buy some Furla and other Italian bags you can try on Fashion & Design Shopping Online - Welcome to YOOX, I once bought a Coccinelle for 27 euros:graucho:
  12. I have a Furla Ursula E/W black bag and it's really good! Soft pebbled leather of high quality, tight and neat stitching, and very considerate design. Perfect for work for me!