Funny Mother's Day Story ~ Prada Shoes

  1. Two weeks ago while shopping, I saw an elderly woman (maybe 80?) walking through the store with a younger woman, arm in arm. The elderly woman was wearing a gorgeous pair of gold metallic flats with a pair of cream colored pants and she looked -- adorable! I stopped her and told her I LOVED her shoes! She giggled and pointed to the younger woman and told me her daughter bought them for her -- she'd never buy them for herself...

    Anyway, every now and then, when I see a cute pair of good flats, I buy them for my mom. She has a (hip) problem with one leg and so she has a limp and can only wear flats and they must be GOOD flats, too ...

    So mom and I were chatting the other day and she is going to my niece's high school graduation soon and was asking me about what kind of outfit she should wear, which got me thinking! I decided to take her shopping and was going to try to get her into a gorgeous pair of Prada, gold metallic shoes! Now keep in mind, Mom is tres conservative -- wears mostly Ralph Lauren, sort of on the preppy side and she's ... 77! Off to Nordstrom's we go!

    So first, we buy a really cute outfit -- RL navy pants, a cute navy top with brass buttons on the sleeves and a RL cream jacket/blazer with thin navy stripes... and then I drag her to the shoe Dept.

    I sit her down and unknown to her, I pick the Prada gold metallic flat. When the SA brought them out, my mom cracked up! "I can't wear those," she laughs! I ask her to just TRY them...

    She was wearing dark blue jeans which would be similar to the navy pants in color... She put them on and it was like she died and went to heaven! "Oh my gawd," she says... "these are BEAUTIFUL! I feel like the Queen! I want them!! And they are REALLY comfortable and easy to walk in!!

    In a million years, I'd never guess she'd love a shoe like this! Gold Metallic!! And she looked ADORABLE in them! The shoe dept. was packed and lots of women started complimenting her with the shoe. It was so fun!

    Anyway, i bought her the shoe. Mother's Day Gift! She stayed in her chair while I paid for them and when I came back to her, she started tearing up! She told me she couldn't believe she had an "expensive" shoe like this and in 'gold!" It was really cute. And I'm really happy -- My mom has to have a really, good comfy shoe and sometimes she turns down important invitations because she doesn't have a nice, dressy shoe that she can walk in. And I love that at her age, she still loves going out, has lots of friends and things to do... and I really want for her to keep going and enjoy life. But when you have walking probs at that age, ya gotta have the BEST shoe! And now she does!

    Thanks, Prada!

    I never would have thought of this had I not seen that other elderly woman in gold shoes and how cute she looked!

    Sorry for the long story -- I'm just really happy about it and had to share! My mom's got Prada Feet! :yahoo:
  2. How lovely you are! I'd just love to see your mum in her gold shoes. Bet she looks wonderful.
    My mum is already a shoe-a-holic. She's 76 but looks about 60. She loves Gabor and Bally so don't know if I'd manage to get her into Prada!
  3. What a lovely story!

    And bless your heart for being so good to your mother. Keep it up!

  4. OMG..I love stories like this!!How cute!!!!!!
    U r an awesome daughter!
  5. Thanks for sharing this, it is very heart warming!
  6. Sarajane~ My mom *would be* a shoe-a-holic, but she just can't be with her leg probs. :sad: She needs to be so careful and shoe shopping for her is always such a chore. She RARELY finds a decent good shoe that can walk securely in :sad:

    It really is more a story about my mom than me. I'm so thrilled that she immediately loved a shoe that she'd never choose on her own and that it fit and felt so good on her and she is just sooo happy with it! Anyway, she called me this afternoon with more great news -- another niece of mine will be having a Nov. wedding... and mom syas she is gonna build her wedding outfit around her Prada gold feet! Can't wait!

    Thanks everyone, for your sweet comments! It really is a fun, warm story about her though and I'm gonna remember it for a long, long time. :smile:
  7. I am so moved, thanks for sharing with us. You are wonderful. =)
  8. My mum has just been diagnosed with osteoperosis in her knees and she's absolutely furious! She's convinced she's far too young to have 'an old person's' ailment! She's finally had to stop buiying high heels and settle for flats or low heels which is driving her crazy. Honestly, it's like having a teenager!!
    So glad to hear your mum has a wedding in the offing so she can show off those gorgeous new shoes...
  9. I LOVED YOUR STORY!!! I'd also love to see the shoes you picked out for her.

    My mother is 75. When she was around 8 years old, she broke (shattered?) her ankle and was never able to wear anything but flat, comfort type shoes. Since she retired, she lives in walking shoes. She's a cute little thing with a hot little figure (walks 45 minutes a day on her treadmill with 5 pound dumb bells), but fashion has never been on her radar. She STILL has the same hair style she's had since she was 18 years old and the only makeup she wears is the occasional swipe of lipstick. She'd be a rockin' old gal if she'd let me make her over, but it's just not her thing. :shrugs:

    That being said, I really enjoyed reading your story that much more. :yes:
  10. Is this it? There is another gold metallic pair on the NM website if this isn't it.

  11. Thanks prada Psycho! No, it's not a ballerina style -- more like a soft loafer... I'll try to find it on Saks and BG...
  12. Minette you are a charm!!! That is such a sweet story!!!! You are a great daughter...!!!!!! Is your mom enjoying her shoes?!?!
  13. Touching. Thanks for sharing. It was heart warming.
  14. That's a great story- I'd cry too if someone bought me Pradas! Hope your mom gets many years of use out of them!
  15. Maybe like these except in gold?



    or these?



    photos from They had gold, but mostly ballets.