Fun, Yellow Purse for Up

  1. Hey Everyone!

    The sun is shining outside and I am looking forward to Spring.. even though it is still months away! I think I am going to look for a gorgeous yellow bag this season! Does anyone have any ideas?

    I got a Nordies catalog in the mail yesterday with an intriguing Kooba in yellow...


  2. Hi, I want a gorgeous yellow bag as well! I am really eyeing this Gustto Setela in Citrus. I like the pale yellows more then the mustard color or taxi color yellows.
  3. I really like this Tano bag.

  4. Yes, that Kooba Devin is really cute.

    I have to be careful with a longer strap though. If it is too long, the bag rubs on my jeans and gets the blue dye on the leather. Always a problem with lighter leathers.
  5. I have been wanting a yellow bag too & just got the Marc by Marc Jacobs Heidi in Acid Yellow. I was nervous about the color since there is NO PLACE here to see it... So I just went ahead & ordered from Saks.... I am very happy w/ the color. Just a nice yellow, no mustard/brown. Not scary bright/blinding either. I would say it is a soft yellow. It is technically a birthday present from my husband, so while I have seen it and carried it around the house, it is going to be wrapped up for my bday.

    I tried to attach the picture from Saks, it's my first time trying, so if I didn't do it right, sorry! The picture is a great representation of the color.

    There's a lot of yellow bags in many price points to choose from, let us know what you decide on!
  6. Wow I really like that heidi. I found a cute little yellow purse in target that I love. I think it cost 20.00.
  7. I'm loving that Gustto. It is a prety good size bag isn't it?
  8. I love that Tano bag
  9. I am wanting that Tano bag as soon as it is available. So adorable!!
  10. I just bought a very pretty Yellow Kate spade at the outlet. it was on 30% off. I love it! later i'll set up my lighting set-up. and take a better picture of it later. She is so pretty... She a sunny yellow... not mustard like the picture. [​IMG] I am debating on going back and getting one that is grass green. Even though i have a green purse already.

  11. I know, isn't it gorgeous?! Yeah, I think it's a large bag. I am not sure of the measurements though.
  12. Yellow is a rare color for me to carry because I'm always in black - no need to look like a bee. Ill be buying a large leather bag that looks similar to a bbag on ebay for about $30 for those rare occasions when I can wear yellow and not look like a tool.
  13. I got a Linea Pelle bag from Kataphileo that is called limonetta for a color. Sometimes it look yellow and sometimes more lime. It's got terrifically soft leather on it as well.
  14. this is a dreamy bag.....
    ( puttin this on my to get list )