Fun At The Outlet!

  1. I went with my husband today to exchange the white leather soho that he bought me for something different since my only coach bag I have is the black soho. ALSO, he won $200 on a scratch-off lottery ticket and said I could use that money at the outlet! :yahoo:So, on the advise of everyone here, we were there pretty early, about 10:30. (they opened at 10) I also took everyones advise and held onto any bag I thought I wanted. I was holding FOUR! It was awesome in there! My husband kept laughing at me. :p So I wound up with the white soho leather tote! YUM! I LOVE IT!! Perfect size for me! (I'm big and tall.) I also got the matching small wallet, the wristlet and the keyfob. (I'm a hardcore matchy-matchy type!) I'm a happy girl! :heart:

    AND everything I got was an additional 20% off!!! So, my total for everything was was $335! But it was almost like it was free :wlae: since we had the credit for $135 and the $200 lottery winnings! (MY logic!)

    I already have my eye on my next Coach. A black Soho Signature satchel! (I love the black on black sig stuff!) I'll use my large black sig wallet with it, then I'll have to get a smaller black wallet for my black soho!! It will fit in there better. (see, I told you I was matchy-matchy!!)

    THEN, I'll get a brown sig something!!!!! I've got it all planned out!!!:p

    Wallet pic from coach site, satchel pic from eBay and the white leather tote is mine mine mine!!!!!!!
    40092_SVBK_t.jpg 05089.JPG sohotote.jpg
  2. Nice haul, girl!!! :cutesy: And free too!! LOL!!
  3. very nice, i like!
    That was very nice of your husband also.
  4. Sounds perfectly logical to me! :graucho:

    Great choices btw. Sounds like you are a Soho lover like me, lol.
  5. Wow, you did good. I Love it all.
  6. Talk about enablers! Your husband is the perfect enabler (most enablers don't help fund our purchases, do we!?!) Enjoy your collecting and congratulations on your purchases and the lotto!
  7. I think my husband might feel guilty for starting my coach obsession after I bought a fake coach online! He's the one that told me it was fake and bought me my first real coach wallet on my birthday.

    I took a picture of me and my new baby!! The large size works well on me since I'm, well...large!! :yes: BTW, taking a picture of a purse while your wearing it is very difficult!!!
  8. I love your white Soho leather tote plus matchy matchy accessories! :girlsigh: Excellent choice. I am also a big fan of the black signature products. I have a Hamptons black signature carryall that I love. It is two years old and still looks brand new.
  9. Love the soho line! Congrats - great stuff - FUN FUN!:happydance:
  10. Nice 'free' haul- CONGRATULATIONS!!
  11. sweeeeet! I love when things "work out like that" :smile: it was like it was free!! :smile:
  12. Great stuff congrats!!!
  13. Congrats on your purchases and winning the lotto.

  14. GREAT PURCHASES! LOVE it, you have beautiful taste! :yahoo:
  15. Loving the white!!!!

    I'm a big girl too so I like the bigger purses! I really love that one! Can't wait to hit the outlet next month!