Fuchsia pics please?

  1. I am considering a LM in Fuchsia, and I'm a huge fan of pink, but it's so hard to get an idea of real-life color from the one photo on the BE site. I've searched the photo threads and didn't find much. Can anyone who has a fuchsia BE (even better, fuchsia LM), please post a pic here? :graucho:

  2. Did you check the reference thread? Contessa has a LMM and it's true in color. I don't think anyone here has a LM size in fuschia however but there's tons of fuschia pics. I have one myself and it's true to color of pictures in the reference thread.
  3. I just posted pics of a fuchsia SMM just now in the reference thread- try looking there
  4. I've posted these pics several times and will place them permanently in the PICS ONLY thread.

    Here you go......

    Without Flash


    With Flash



  5. OMGGGG!!!!^^^ I am truly in big time love with that fuchsia bag of yours!!!!:love::love::love: The color makes my heart skip a million beats!!!
  6. Thank you everyone! It looks like a scrumptious, juicy color. Contessa, thanks so much for the interior pics too. I was wondering if the fuchsia with the fuchsia lining would be overkill, but it looks great.