Fuchsia Gator CDC; Help!

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  1. Dear ladies and gents, I need some help! I was very happy and content with my small but growing -and very neutral- CDC collection (see picture; gris elephant, ombre lizard and black leather, all PHW),


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  2. Buttt...Then DH gave me a present; "to help me step out of my comfort-zone" is how he put it, lol :P!

    And I adore it just for tat reason and would never part with it, but I love it more on itself than on me. So ; all suggestions, pics etc would be so much appreciated on how to make this pop-colour work. TIA!

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  3. oh, i LOVE ombre lizzie!! i've been searching for one :sos:

    great CDC collection you have there!! :tup: and BIG congrats on your new fuschia gator :love:
  4. fashion_gurl888, thank you, but for me the fuchsia is really 'the odd man out', I'm going to work on it though, lol
  5. tae - if your clothes consists of neutral colours, just wear the fuschia with black/white/jeans and enjoy it!! It is GORGEOUS and will provide the perfect pop of colour.
    I don't think you need to step out of your comfort zone - just use it to accentuate the zone IMO!! Try it out with various outfits, it'll definitely work!
    Your DH is so sweet to get it for you!! Congrats!
  6. You are right; I am so totally stuck in my blacks/greys/browns that a bit of colour just hurts my eyes!:biggrin: I also think that I can wear the neutrals with it; it's just that in the end I always grab the neutral-coloured CDC's and poor Fuchsia stays in her box:sad:
  7. tae: Great CdC, that shade of pink is perfect to wear with an all neutral wardrobe.

    A grey siut, jeans + white/black shirt/tee. LBD.

    Navy and olives will also look fab

    IMO it's really the perfect CdC colour to go with (almost) everything.

    Congrats - on your CdC and you DH
  8. tae, wow, it really is stunning. I am not a pink wearer (more a red gal) but I am sure that it would stand out on its own.
  9. Thanks papertiger; I actually hadn't thought of navy before; I think that would really make the colour pop!!! Don't know yet if I can take it, lol, but certainly am going to try! (btw, DH also votes for the LBD :graucho:)
  10. Thanks Suzie!
  11. TAE...........I LOVE YOUR NEW CDC........... Any monochronomatic (is that even a word?) outfit would make your new CDC stand out. ITA about Navy!! :heart:

  12. TAE.............BEAUTIFUL PHOTO.......... You should post this in the Hermes Clubhouse under the Thread.........Hermes as Art :love:

  13. tillie46; Thank you so much. About the photo: I felt very creative today :biggrin:! Yes, navy is a good advice; I would never have thought about that myself!
  14. tae, this CDC is beautiful and so are your other ones. I would not hesitate to wear the fuchsia along with another one on the same arm, along with a black top, or a gray one, depending the second CDC is gray or black.
    A way to introduce your Fuchsia into your comfort zone !

    Also, I agree with the monochromatic idea. You can also try to wear it OVER a long sleeve tee (in a color that is inside your comfort zone)

    Don't be shy, wear it. You DH knows you well ... this gift speaks about some expectations he has for you. Follow that way ;)
  15. perlerare; Two CDC's on one arm sound amazing; that would make a real headturner, wouldn't it :nuts:!!! Going to try that out as well!

    Yes, DH doesn't complain but he would love to see more colour on me. And I agree; I would like to try that as well; need some 'colour-therapie', I guess :biggrin:. Cause I love seeing all the wonderful H-colours here on the forum.