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  1. Hi, ladies, need advice urgently on which one should I choose? The fuchsia, blue vs light Grey color patent boy? I am already middle-aged and 5'7 tall... pretty much like to take my new boy to some serious social event, like company meeting/parties...:smile:
    Help me to decide, I have my SA hold all the above till tomorrow.
  2. oh gosh.. all beautiful colors... i might go for the blue... but perhaps do you have any picture? what color clothes you'll be pairing the bag with?
  3. I am more like a dark cloth person, black, grey, blue and brown...as I am a bit fat :cloud9:
  4. Grey! I love grey handbags in general so I'm bias :smile:
  5. Light grey patent sounds like a safe bet to go with your clothes. It's also safe for serious social events and company meetings.

    However, if you don't work in an uber corporate and stuffy environment, I'd suggest some colors. And especially if you already have a lot of basic colors (blacks, greys), I think fuschia or blue is still okay for any age. These days I personally like the Chanel fuschia (I think the blue is a little too dark -- it's bright, but dark, if you know what I mean).

    The fuschia will definitely give a pop to your clothes. Pink and black is gorgeous. So is brown and pink! And pink and grey...classic! Not so sure about pink bag/blue clothes!! ;)

    I'm totally biased towards the fuschia.

    Here are a few pics I took of my pink with some earthy dark color clothes. Perhaps this can help!
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397666229.744021.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397666312.295907.jpg
  6. Fuschia!
  7. I love the pop of the color with Fuchsia! But if you are not adventurous in colors then I would suggest blue!
  8. Is this a patent boy WOC!? May I ask where you got it? It is gorgeous!!

  9. Yes. It's a patent boy woc. Got it in Bangkok.
  10. Thanks all for all your suggestions. My collection currently are: 6 black chanels, and 1 taupe one... you can see, I declined the black patent boy although my SA suggested.
  11. Light grey!
  12. The light grey is lovely! I saw it in person in Chicago. Also, with the amount of money one spends on these bags, you don't want to be unhappy with your choice since you likely won't wear it as much as you want. Plus the patent adds a level of pop as well.

    Those are all fantastic choices, but I would suggest the grey! Hope that helps and good luck with your choice!
  13. GRAY! If not... send it my way :smile: hehe