1. I have no idea! Dark brown would be a good guess (based on looking at frye's website)! Thank you, I think they're gorgeous too! :flowers:

    Catherine 10L
    Fits TTS
  2. HI Indypup!:flowers:
    I totally L:love:V~EM!
    Great L:smooch:King Frye's!
  3. KLJ!:flowers:
    Thank You So Much!:tender:

    I totally agree!:heart: I though I tried to get you to get some taupe Paige's at one time?;)
    I can hardly wait to get mine.....
    They should be here Friday or Saturday!!:woot:
    The Villagers will be here tomorrow!:yahoo:
  4. KLJ! WE WANT PICTURES!:popcorn:
  5. Thanks So Much!:flowers: I really wanted to make a thread so we wouldn't loose all this great info on Frye Boot's so it will be easier for other to see and find out honest opininions on the various styles!:yahoo::tup:
  6. OooH! I L:love:VE These also Indy!
    Very Nice!:tup::tup::tup:
  7. Villager lace up boot
    TTS to a little big (I could to a 6.5 comfortably)
    Ball of foot is a little wide for me in my TTS


    Not in love with these as much as I used to be, but I can't bring myself to let go of them!
  8. And thank you matt! I love Frye!
  9. You Rock Those Indy!:urock:

    They L:ghi5:K Great for being 4 years old!
    I would really like to see some other brand from the Mall stores hold up that well!
    I Can't wait Till after work Tomorrow So I can try mine on!:girlsigh:
  10. Thanks, Grace! Unfortunately they are not meant to be rolled or folded down.

  11. indypup - love your boots, especially the Villager Lace Ups!!!
  12. Thanks for the info. I love the look but I don't have long legs so I doubt I could carry it off. They look fab on you!!
  13. Love everyone's boots!!:yes:
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    This a Page with all the up to this time of threads that deal with good or bad experiences with Frye Boots! From 2010!
    Feel Free to list any another links that I might have missed!!
  15. ^ Wow! Thanks for doing that, Matt!;):flowers: