In The Land Of OZ!
Nov 25, 2007
The Land of OZ! (Topeka,Ks)
Hi All!:flowers:
What I wanted to do was create a thread that we could use as an Actual Modeling and Actual Measurement thread on Frye Boots!
I want everyone to post their actual thoughts and sizing and most of all pictures of their Frye’s Here!
I also don’t want to discourage any posts with questions but I would really like to try keep it more as a Reference thread with Pictures and the descriptions.
What I think would be a great Idea would be if you had questions about a certain Frye Boot would be ask the Question here and put a link here to a new thread that you would start so we all could discuss your question in detail that way all of your valuable and everyone else’s valuable responses could found again in this Glass Slipper Forum!

An Example of these would be like this:

How to Waterproof Your Bags and Boots!


How many Frye Boots do you own? Or Wish you can have?

Well anyways.........


In The Land Of OZ!
Nov 25, 2007
The Land of OZ! (Topeka,Ks)
First me: YYZ
I’m a Male
Height 5’10”
Weight 297 LBS and losing!
Shoe size is a 11B
I have a narrow foot and a med arch
My calves are 16.5”

What does My Darling Wife (DW) think?
She is 100 percent supportive of me and we actual have a great time shopping, eating and just doing everything together!
She is My Very best Friend And I L:love:VE her with all my Heart!:heart:
She also has Quite a Frye Boot Collection of her own!

As far as Comfy all of my Frye’s fit and feel great!
I love them all and wear them all out shopping, to dinner, just about everywhere except work since I have to wear steel toe shoes there! (I repair very large CNC machinery)
And yes I just don’t wear them under my jeans,
I figure it this way why hide these AWESOME BOOTS Under $20.00 Jeans all the time!
I do use shoe stretchers and I have made a Calve stretcher and have used it as well!
I also make my own stretching solution for doing this!
I plan on doing a thread at some time on how to do these things correctly and really it isn’t that hard to do by yourself!
Why have boots and shoes that don’t fit correctly!
So do I have favorites?
All of them!


Here is a List of my Current Frye Boots That I Have!
I will be Glad to answer any questions about any of these boots!
So ask away!

01) Veronica Slouch in Sunrise (Burnt Orange)
02) Fiona Moc Tall Lace Up in Brown Suede
03) Fiona Stitch Ankle in Spice
04) Julia Stitch Inside Zip in Cognac
05) Carmen Multi Ring in Gray
06) Matilda Button in Black
07) Matilda Button in Slate
08) Bethany Strappy Softie in Saddle
09) Bethany Cuff Shortie in Cranberry
10) Julia Campus Ankle in Clay
11) Vicki Campus Tall in Black
12) Caroline Campus Tall in Black
13) Dena Campus Zip in Brown
14) Bethany Strappy Softie in Black
15) Betty in Bordeaux
16) Paige Huarache in Eccru
17) Taylors Pull~On OTK in Dark Brown
18) Paige Tall Riding in Dark Brown (I Just Won Them!)
19) Villager Lace Up in Brown (I Just Won Them!)

And I know this is a Frye Thread but I had to post my other 4 pairs of boots!

A1) Bronx Zen and Now OTK in Black
A2) Coach Luci Camel Signature Suede
A3) VS OTK Convertible in Black Suede
A4) Aldo Flolill in two tone Brown

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Aug 17, 2008
Dude! Matt! Look at those great boots! Great thread! How ARE you? I so owe you and dw an email or letter or MM art! What a wild ride this year, but I'm recovering well. Feel quite good today. :hugs:

And breaking thread rules already as I have no Frye boots. ;) Sorry.