Frustrated by E Bay seller

  1. I am really annoyed. Might sound silly, but I had fallen in love with a denim mini skirt that I found in Primrose Hill by a collection called 575. They didnt have the right size, and as normal for me, I went on a mission to locate the skirt. I found the skirt on E Bay in my size, and two days later , I won the auction. The seller never replied to me, and of course I didn't pay, as I thought it really odd with no communication.She still hasn't replied, and even though we contacted E Bay, no explanation has been offered. I know that she is selling , as she has bought and sold other items, shown from feed back added. Is there nothing that E Bay can do, to ensure the auction is followed through? :huh:
  2. Lolas, often sales go through without any communication between buyer and seller. If she has good feedback, I wouldn't worry. Just pay for the item and I'm sure she will send it.

    9 out of 10 times, the buyer and I never "speak" to each other. They pay, I send the item, and that's that.
  3. Sounds like a 'Non-selling seller' to me.:hrmm:

    She had the item, you won the auction, but she refuses to contact you, thereby not upholding her part of the deal.

    TBH, It sounds to me like she decided she didn't want to sell the skirt after all.

    Report her as a non-selling seller through the 'Help' links at the top of 'My Ebay' and use Ebays 'Contact us' online form.
    Non-selling seller is under 'problems with sellers' and there is a bar to click on for your exact situation.

    Here's the link if it's any easier:

    Of course, if she contacts you in the meantime you can just go ahead and pay and hopefully get your skirt as planned with no harm done!

    Good luck...!! :flowers:
  4. Yep, I agree that she never intended to sell. I know that there are sometimes no communication, but, after the auction ended, we e mailed to ask the price of shipping. In hindsight ( such a beautiful word!!!!!), I thought it odd that she didn't answer a question that I e mailed before the auction ended; but wanted to believe that she was too busy. Damn shame though, as I have fallen in love with the skirt, and can't locate in ANYWHERE!!!! Will contact E Bay again , and list her a s a bad seller.
  5. It's possible that her spam controls are preventing your email from going through. If you are really interested in the skirt, you probably don't need to hear from her, unless shipping costs weren't specified. Otherwise, just following the "Pay Now" link should do it, but check hr feedback to make sure she does in fact ship the items won. You can also send an email thru ebay requesting total costs, if they're not specified in the listing.
  6. Oh for the love of Ebay. I would also be hesitant to follow thru.
  7. It's quite possible that the ebay message system is acting up. It has been for me recently, and I agree with IntlSet. Most of the time, I just pay for the item right away, and the sender sends it right away (never had a problem).
  8. i have never bought or sold anything on ebay. sorry i can't be much help. but i would be hesiant to continue though.