Frustrated Aussie Chanel Lover

  1. This is just a little grunt regarding the Chanel Boutique in Sydney. THEY ARE HOPELESS!!!!!! arRRGGHHH. Seriously, I have put my name down for a Cabas over 6 months ago and have been informed so many different things by various SA's and now it looks like its not coming at all.

    I asked them whether or not they are expecting any of the other cabas (ie, baby cabas, etc) and was advised that they did not know what the baby cabas was.

    I have had enough with the idiots that works there. THEY DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING!!!!!!!

    I so envy you all over in the US who have friendly and helpful SA's from varioius different stores and boutiques who are willing to help you find items and accommodate in any way they can to ensure customer satisfaction and also you have so much MORE selection than we have here. I feel like crying now due to the frustration I have been feeling.......

    I just hope that other places here in Australia carry Chanel apart from the actual boutique. It would be a much better place for Chanel lovers like moi.
  2. I feel the same way!!!!!!

    I get all excited going in there each time, but always walk out empty handed and frustrating, theres not much stock. They finally had a apricot classic flap last week, and I really wanted to buy it but it was the display bag, that was the only one they had and it was already dirty.

    i also dont understand why the SAs dont know anything, their response to my questions is always "i'm not aware, we have not been informed"

    is this the kinda message chanel is trying to send out?
  3. We are on the same boat!
    Every time I found something nice from this forum, 99% are not available here in Australia. At least you’ve got more stock than Melbourne!

    If you really want the bag, you probably have to get it online or call a US Chanel SA in the department store. I've purchased one from Neiman Marcus, it arrived within 2 weeks time before Xmas. Or, you can call Paris. I've done that but they don't have the bag I want. It was easy and the SA was very polite.

    Good luck!
  4. I know what you mean the SAs here in Munich are the same!!!
    Luckily I was able to bvuy my first Chanel in the US and the SAs there are just so much nicer and more informed. When I searched high and low for this bag here in Europe and the US the differences between those 2 continents and the friendliness was huge. I could count the nice SA on one hand in Europe but every SA in the US was willing to help and super friendly. Being a customer is really fun in the US but in most cases here it sucks.
  5. Hi Dollymic.. i'm suprised that you actually called Chanel Paris to check if they have stock on bags! And it was easy??!! I'm impressed! :nuts: Frankly, I didn't know that we can do such a thing. :shrugs:

    Just wanna know, will Chanel Paris ship to your local Chanel boutique or, better still, to your residential address if they have available stock on the bag that you want??
  6. Dollymic-this might be a stupid question, but when u phone Paris, did u speak French or is English ok on the phone?
  7. you are too cute! yes, its perfectly fine to speak English when you call Paris.
  8. ive never had a good experience going to chanel... the SA are never very friendly.
    the last time i went there.. the door lady gave me a up and down look and didnt even smile at me when i smiled and thanked her for opening the door for me.
    i went to chanel today to purchase a chanel agenda.. and the lady just didnt know what she was doing.. i asked for it.. she took it out the cupboard and gave it to me to look at and i told her i'd take it.. and she just sort of stood there awkwardly for 2 secs.. and im thinking :huh: am i meant to say something else.. then she finally walks away... grabs the box than comes back with the box stands there looking confused for another 2 secs and shes like umz.. i'll be right back and the whole time she just had a very non-friendly look.
    if it wasnt chanel i would never return there again due to the very crappy service.. but considering this is the only chanel store in melbourne and i wouldnt be able to get chanel anywhere else i guess i have to put up with it.
    they didnt have much range at the store as well...
  9. yes.. sydney is the same too. The SA are so snobby, no service, not even a hello everytime i walk in. AND they look me up and down. I dress very casually but was wearing my coco cabas bag.

    I was standing there for around 10 mins before one of the SA's eyed the CC Logo on my cabas then muttered a Hello.. and that was it...
    No "Can i assist you with anything??" etc..

    Even if i was standing infront of a bag, picked it up and looked at it for 5 mins, no one would acknowledge me...i find they pay attention to older ladies than younger ones. In another thread, i said that 2 SA's were serving an older lady with shoes while 4 others were upstairs talking, and no one offered me any assistance (as i was eyeing that apricot flap)

    I really want to complain to the Chanel head office in Sydney. The LV SA's are 10000% better and so nice!
  10. that was exactly the same with me.. i stood at the counter staring at them for ages and they were all on their lil phones chatting away to god knows who.. and no one said hi.. or approached me... i dont understand the need for them to be so snobby... these days average people can afford things from designer stores.. not just the rich and famous.
  11. I do admit when i was in the boutique last weekend, there was an SA in there which had no personality at all. Ask to see some of the sale items, it was like it was a big effort for her to reach into the cabinet to get it for me. Unfortunately, my favourite SA was there that day...i would have complained to her.
    I rather not complain at all, but i did finally complain last time to head office and there was no response back.:shrugs:
    I do agree that you should write a letter or email Chanel about there service. If they get enough complaints they are bound to pickup there game.
  12. yeah they are pretty hopeless, even classic styles are never in stock. I am on the waitlist for a large shopper Cavier tote. The SAs told me that they only receive three shipments per year and the last shipment was in Nov 06 and it looks like the next shipment will be mid Feb early March. However, the SA did say that they will contact all people on the waitlist before putting the bags on the floor. It unfortunate that Australia only has two Chanel stores.
  13. Yes I agree, LV SAs are the best.
  14. i agree with u on this

    the gucci SAs are the WORST!

    chanel would be 2nd half half i guess. half the time i received great service. half the time it was MEH they couldn't be bothered with me.

    dior is pretty much the same as chanel.

    LV SAs have been consistently polite, helpful and attentive. maybe because they spend a lot of time in the hiring process. i think you need to go through 3 interviews. that's a lot for a retail position.
  15. Yes, I called them because I wanted the bag so badly. It made me even wanted it more due to the difficulty to get it. Am I strange? So I tried every methods. First I asked difference SAs in the Melbourne store and emailed them as well. You know, sometimes they hide their bags at the back. My SA said if it is a current stock, it would be easier but the bag I wanted was last season’s. And also, they would not bring it in Australia due to the price tag. Therefore I asked him if I can find from another Chanel boutique overseas, can they do that. He said NO! However, a member here have told me they can transfer between boutiques. Then I found the phone numbers of 2 different Chanel boutiques in Paris and called them. They were very friendly and checked for me. Unfortunately, sold out everywhere. Nothing left in the computer. Otherwise I would ask them to transfer to the Melbourne store. I feel it saver this way than send it to me directly. Don’t know why. And also I don’t have to take care of the import taxes. At last, for no other choices, I purchased the bag from a SA in Neiman Marcus. She was so helpful and we went through lots of troubles. When finally I got the bag, it was a big release for me. :yahoo: