From my shopping trip in NYC last weekend....

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  1. Sorry I've been slow to post....I splurged on the Danna pumps in gold last weekend in NYC....only the 2nd pair of coach shoes I've paid full price for!!! I also picked up the breast cancer keyfob.
    2.jpg 2_1.jpg
    and i want that keyfob, but i can't seem to find it anywhere!
  3. call your store and have them shipping that way!
  4. SO PRETTY! I wanted to get those shoes, but I can't do heels.
  5. HOT shoes!
  6. I've been learning to wear higher heels over the past year or so...and they definitely have to be the RIGHT heel. Coach does such an amazing job with their stacked heels that I now have three pairs...and they're quite stable. I'm even getting good enough to wear a couple of nine west 3 inch heels that are skinner.
  7. These are hot ! :yes:
  8. I love those shoes!! They are gorgeous! Congrats!!
  9. Congrats shellbell. I've been thinking about getting those shoes for a while now. Towson Nordies just got those. So I finally saw them in person and they are hot.
  10. Love the shoes!
  11. Fabulous shoes!!! And I really like the breast cancer keyfob, too! My gmothers a survivor so I try to support any efforts to raise $$ for the charity. I love how Coach supports breast cancer research.
  12. Hot Mama!!
  13. Very hot shoes!!! Congrats!
  14. The shoes are TDF!!
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