Frog Key Chain has a matching lanyard!

  1. I just ordered the frog keychain yesterday and the lanyard to match! :yahoo: They were both $38. The frog lanyard is similar to the leather flower one, but is suede. I am so excited! I will post pics as soon as I get them!
  2. i can't wait to see it! a mini squished froggie for on your cell! too cute!
  3. :yahoo:Oooo I want to see!
  4. A lanyard?! Oh, that is going to be WAY too cute! Definitely show us pics!! :nuts:
  5. Oh I cant wait to see this :nuts:
  6. Can't wait to see pics!!
  7. Oh awsome! Cant wait to see pics.
  8. Nice! i love hearing about new keychains/laynards!
  9. I can't wait to see pics! :p Phone lanyards, keyfobs, and charms are so fun to look at! There are so many cute ones coming out in the new collection!
  10. Do you know what the style number for the lanyard is?
  11. Crap! One more thing to add to my list :yes:
    Can't wait to see pics of both pieces!!
  12. Cute! Too bad my cell doesn't have anything to hang a lanyard off! I can always get the keyfob though.
  13. You can always loop it on your purse, if you want the smaller frog, other wise use the keyfob. Though, you could have a mommy frog and a baby frog on your purse, that would be cute!
  14. I put my lanyard on my keyfob. Now I have the anchor keyfob and the lanyard (not sure what it's called zebra/tiger pony-ish fabric on a black leather in a heart shaped-from outlet)
  15. we need pics!!! i can't wait to see it b/c i love frogs