Fringed Scarves on

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  1. Hi all,

    I hope this is helpful news, but I just noticed fringed scarves on I did a search on the forum and saw that we have had them before. The design for this season I have seen in the carre, but not in this fringed scarf style.

    (I get a kick out of the cartoons of women wearing them as "pants".)
  2. Wow those fringed scarves are great! Thanks for posting!
  3. Wow, never seen them before, you were quick ChocoGrace - thank you!!!!
  4. LOL, you're welcome, HermesMonkey

    Maitai, that's what happens during a slow day at work ;)
  5. I do appreciate it, ChocoGrace!! :tup: The french work day seems to be running at the speed of an escargot! Nothing on their web page yet!!!
  6. I saw those fringed scarves too, they are really cute. The other two scarves you posted are from last year, I believe.
  7. Elle Tee, thanks for the info. It is the first time I am seeing it and I love the heart design in pink.