Fringe Scarf or Normal Scarf - Help!!!!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I said I wouldn't buy one but after seeing these yesterday IRL and now that they're on the Hermes website I really have fallen in love.

    My SA is holding the Josephine Danse in Black/White for me, but I was thinking of getting this one instead. I currently have 3 scarves (Passage Tokyo, Monsieur/Madam and Heart of Life) so thought perhaps the fringe might be a little different.

    Anyway, here are some pics of the two, I really can only have ONE. Any advice??? TIA :flowers:

  2. OK, here's my thoughts....normally I would have said the 'normal' scarf, because you will never regret that one, and the fringed one might end up in the back of the wardrobe if you ever tire of it. Having said that, when I saw the pics, I loved the fringed one so much more...but perhaps it's becasue I'm not a fan of the Josephine scarf?
  3. I know GF, looking at them both together really makes me lean towards the fringe scarf - it's just dang gorgy!!!

    Maybe I can go the rest of the month without food :shrugs:
  4. you don't NEED food Cal - you're just being silly......
  5. True GF, actually after Easter and all the chockies I snarfed this could work out very well.
  6. Do you want this chicken nugget or do you want to be gorgeous? Same goes for that extra kidney you have.

    Now, the real interesting thing: I think you should go with the fringe one. I don't like the Josephine and I don't think you'll rock it as much as you could rock the fringe.

    Can I have a cookie now?
  7. I'm sending virtual TimTams your way Perja. Looking at the two together there really is no contest. Poo, my SA doesn't work today, will have to wait until tomorrow to call - hope they have it in black!!
  8. Yeah, otherwise just let me know. Perja's Personal Shopping Service is always open for business (if it involves H) :biggrin:
  9. If you have no fringe scarfs already, then I don't see how alittle variation can harm you. ;)

    And, oh, also, I like the fringe scarf design a LOT LOT more. :p and oh, forget the food.. Fashion lasts a long time, food is gone pretty quick. =-P
  10. That fringe scarf is gorgeous, Cal.

    I felt the same way about them that you did--didn't have much interest, but after seeing them IRL, I've got a scarf fringe fetish at the moment. I vote to get the fringe. You'll look fantastic in it.
  11. I love the design on the fringe scarf more.....
  12. fringe!!!
  13. i've seen the fringe irl too and it's just stunning!!! the jb is pretty but irl you have to get some distance from it to really see what it is. i vote fringe.
  14. Cal - I can totally see you with the fringe scarf! I think you will wear it fabulously and will complement your body stature a lot!
  15. My vote goes to the Josephine. I hadn't seen it before and it looks like a fun print!