Friends and Fans Event! Anyone get anything?

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  1. I love TB Simone Cardigans (currently have them in navy, black and oatmeal) and just bought the pretty violet melange color for my fourth during the F+F event :smile: Super versatile pieces for layering, and the gold buttons are great!

    Anyone else get anything?
  2. I ordered a medium 797 bag in grey! Can't wait to get it!
  3. Got a pair of Chelsea flats in black and a belt!!
  4. Black Amanda riding boots! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. Black Alaina flat booties ^_^
  6. I was just on the site today and noticed there were some mark downs. Anyone else notice?
  7. I saw that the Amanda boot was marked still saddens me that my calves are just annoyingly muscular :sad: I really wanted that pair
  8. I know and I just ordered them! I hope they fit me! I sized half size down based on reviews. Did u find it large in the foot bed?
  9. I got the tan Amanda boots and the black Bristol booties. Loving both!