Friday the 13th!

  1. Haha, is anyone suspicious? Just wanted to alert everyone that its Friday the 13th!
  2. Ack!!! I didn't even notice!
  3. I just heard it on Regis & Kelly :biggrin:
  4. I just realized this, oh well just another day to me :shrugs:
  5. *sits and waits for something foul to happen*
  6. Well, it's already 4 pm here and nothing bad has! Actually, today was a pretty good day since I got to go shopping :biggrin: (I skipped my lectures today...shhhhh!)
  7. same here
  8. I didn't even notice... ehh.. I'm sure everything will go just fine. :smile:
  9. husband took a fall off his racing bike this morning, spent 3 hours in hospital getting x-ray'd. He was on his way home from training and his wheel got caught in a tram track. Thankfully he's ok, just bruised and battered.

    I didn't even remember it was Friday 13th!
  10. ^ Your poor husband Friday the 13th was not a good day for him!
  11. I didn't even notice until my Mums friend alerted me to the fact a few hours ago. Now I wish I'd waited until tomorrow to put my bet on the Grand National :p
  12. Here is our weird Friday the 13th story:

    I was running late this morning and didn't have time to make coffee & stopped at a convenience store to buy a cup. When I put the glass coffee pot back on the burner, it exploded. Luckily I was just startled, not hurt.

    The freaky part is 10 minutes later when I called my SO to tell him about my Friday the 13th bad luck, he was cleaning up broken glass. He dropped a pyrex dish that shattered at almost the same instant that the coffee pot exploded on me.
  13. Ooooo...that Is very strange!
  14. it's my bf's birthday at this april 13th and when he get his car out from the parking lot, someone crashed his car, that person paid for all the damage though but the funny thing is the crasher's bday is april 14th :roflmfao:
  15. I know Friday the 13th is just another day, but I try to stay home whenever it comes around...I realize things can and do happen there, knock on wood..;)