Friday Reveal: SS'05 Mini Lin Initiales Amman Messenger + Keep It in Graphite


Aug 19, 2007
Oslo, Norway
Just wanted to share my latest additions :smile:

The Mini Lin Initiales Amman messenger bag in ebene from spring/summer 2005 mens collection. This joins my Mini Lin Initiales Tanger Sac Plat I got last year.

Crafted out of the durable cotton-linen Mini Lin fabric, the Amman has three compartments reinforced with calfskin leather. The compartments are separate from each other so when your bag is full, it looks like an accordion for lack of better description. Haha! The brass hardware is similar to that found in my Tanger. The adjustable shoulder strap is made from natural fiber rope, with a leather shoulder pad. As in the other Initiales bags, the prominent feature of the Amman is the screen printed initials L.V. in rosso corsa on top of two screen printed race stripes. Makes you wanna take a ride out to Jordan.

But Jordan is too far so intead, I took it out on a spin when I went to middle Norway last weekend on an emergency trip. Here in front of the royal residence in Trondheim. It’s very practical for days when you want a hands-free bag. I think I’ll be using this bag more this spring and the coming summer.

I love finding limited/rare show bags from seasons past!


Nov 18, 2009
Oh wow, what a great combo! Im loving them both, you look super-chic with that messenger! Stunning! Enjoy!!