French Purse.......

  1. Anyone like the french purse? or anyone NOT like it? I was going to get a porte monnaie plate, but it seems to be too small. I want the white multicolor in the French looks sooo pretty! What do you ladies think of the size of it? I only have like 3 cards.., but too bad the french purse don't have a place for picture though.
  2. I don't own one but a friend of mine does and she really loves it. She doesn't carry a checkbook though and neither do I so it makes a nice compact wallet.
  3. I have ordered and returned almost all the LV wallets from elux. :shame: The one I finally loved was the French purse! I used it for awhile and then decided to sell it only to get it in red Epi to match ALL my bags...

    I love the change purse on it -- it's the first time I've had a wallet where I don't have to dump all the change out to get what I need! :P
  4. I love it !

    But it doesn't have as many CC slots as the koala.. bummer.
  5. at this moment, im loving koala and french purse (i used to hate french purse in the past but then it kinda grows on me and make me wanting 1) :drool:
  6. I love my MC french purse!
  7. I have a Mono French Purse and I love it! It's the perfect size - not too big or too small.
  8. I think the french purse is functional and adorable..... I love it.
  9. ii have 2 epi and vernis, and its such a cute size, its sooo nice to use and girly i reallly like it
  10. Sorry to hijack...

    I have a question please for those that have a french purse. Can the coin area be used to fit extra credit/gift cards? Is the area big enough? I know the french purse (at least in mono) is being revamped to include 8 cc slots, but I need WAY more than that. I only carry two credit cards, but add on the store cards, warehouse cards and gift cards and it's a nightmare. The only place I use cash is at the dollar store (bc they don't accept ccs), so I really don't need room for coins. I am using a small agenda right now as a wallet (thanks Lola!) and I really love the way that's working for me, but the filofax credit card slots seem to be stretching a little upon usage and I'm not feeling totally safe with that.
  11. I don't own a French purse but I've seen it at Holt Renfrew and I love it. It's very classy looking...and works great as a clutch because of the kiss lock closure. I'm constantly looking for one on eBay...but depending on whether I can find one or not, I'll go to Holt Renfrew to get one later on.
  12. the french purse style- lv or otherwise- is my favorite wallet style.
  13. i had a mono and now I have a Mandarin Epi French purse and its my absolute favorite wallet ever (thanks Irene!)