French Purse /Wallet/Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois OR Monogram wallet w/ zip pocket

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  1. I have trouble deciding between: :sweatdrop:

    1) French Purse/wallet aka porte-monnaie billets viennois
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton,Monogram Viennois Wallet,women,accessor

    2) Monogram wallet with zip pocket aka pochette wallet

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LV Monogram Wallet with Zip Pocket

    I know they are coming out with more CC slots but I prefer the versions they have now. I have seen and handled the French purse and it seems fairly convient but I have not looked at the monogram wallet with zip pocket. For those who either own or have handled one or both of them please let me know what you think. Which one is more convient or that you like better? Detailed explainations welcome! Feel free to correct me if I am wrong or add and other pros and cons but so far my impression is they both seem fairly convient but the zip wallet seems easier to get bills out while the french purse seems easier to get change out from the compartment and the zip wallet may be a bit too big. Is the zip wallet thick? I'm not too big of a fan of thick wallets. Also, have there been any defects or problems with either of these as I would hate to have to bring it in to get fixed and not see it for a month. Are both of these pretty durable. I only plan on getting ONE lv wallet and using it for forever. :smile:

    Lastly, anyone with pictures of the either wallet especially the "Louis Vuitton Made in..." part and the date code it would be very helpful. Thanks everyone!! :flowers:
  2. As current owner of both wallets, I must recommend pochette wallet. The easiest wallet to use and VERY roomy!:yes:
  3. If you're ok with a large wallet I would do the Mono wallet w/ zip.... I have the Porte Tresor International and I think that's a good one too....
  4. I agree with both ^^

    I'd go for the pochette wallet/wallet with zipper pocket

    The f/purse is cute but i'd find it a pita to use all the time. I would find it ok for smaller bags but not as an everyday wallet. I carry too much in my wallet.

    If i was going to go for smaller i'd go for the organizer with id.
  5. I have the pochette wallet and love it. No its not thick. I prefer a longer wallet. Mine has 10 cc slots. There is lots of pocket storage. I like this because I keep my receipts in my wallet.
  6. my vote is for the porte monnaie ..... depends on how big your hands are....i have small hands and the pochette wallet is too big for me. :smile:
  7. Can you post pic's?
    You have 6 inside and 4 out ?
  8. Do you have the newest version? I didn't even knwo that one came out already but there was a lot of talk of it on the forum. :P

  9. I am really bad with the digital camera and don't even have a photo hosting site yet. There was a discussion about this about a month or so back before I got mine. It is called the pochette wallet on the LV site, but on elux it is called the monogramed wallet with zip pocket. Yes mine is the newer one -I got it from elux a few weeks ago. I was told by elux that all of their pochette wallets are the newer version with more cc slots. There are 4 slots in front (two on each side) and 6 slots inside (three on each side).
  10. This is the one I got - eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LV Monogram Wallet with Zip Pocket

    In the description it says it has 6 cc slots and also it only shows 6 cc slots in the picture. I called them and told them I was looking for the newer one with more slots and the rep told me that they were only stocking the newer one now.
  11. I've gone up and down the wallet ladder and finally ended up buying and LOVING the French wallet! :love:

    I purchased a few wallets from elux -- kept exchanging for something else (and had to explain to the SA that I live in the middle of nowhere and couldn't get to a store!). For one reason or another, I didn't like the PTI, Koala, Zipped compact, and Snapped Billfold. The French wallet was my 2nd try and even though I originally sent it back -- that was the one I ended up getting. At first, I didn't like only 4 CC slots but it's no big deal now.

    The thing I love about the French wallet is the snap closure. It's easy! I like it better than a large flap. Plus, the way I hold it, I open it and the CC I use the most is right there on top.

    The change purse area is awesome -- it is the first wallet I have ever owned that I don't have to dig for change or dump out my change and sort through it on a counter to pay for something. I can put change and folded bills and receipts in that area -- but only use it for change. The bill area is very easy to access and I keep bill money there.

    Love the pockets under the CC slots -- I keep my DL and a few gift cards there.

    I dislike zippers on a wallet and want to get in and out of it quickly -- this one lets me do that.
  12. the fp is my favorite. lv or any other kind, i just like thie style of the french purse. i do wish it had an id window so i could put a photo of my baby there, though. Also, I don't carry many cards with me so it's not a problem. This wallet can easily fit both large and small bags.
  13. Monogram wallet w/ zip pocket :heart: :heart: the best wallet i've ever used!! i LOVE it! i have little bit older version of it with 6cc slots (4in the back and 2 in the front)....but i always have empty spots there......since i put all my other cards in the zipped part (gift cards that i have very little balance on almost all of them!!), point cards, mini-grocery store / book store / pet store cards --- i hate those tiny bar codes cards! --- and other paper stuff i hardly use.....

    the front part is my smaller bills and change and behind zipper compartment is recipt and more paper.....and i hide big money$(only if there is any!!) in the very back...

    i can open and close and get to my money or cards when its still INSIDE of my bag, i sometimes don't like taking mono wallet from mono bag..... :Push:

    it's been working out fine with me, this way! :love: :heart: