French Co. Speedy??


Which would you choose - Modern Speedy or French Co. Speedy??

  1. Modern-Day LV Speedy

  2. French Co. Vintage Speedy

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  1. Hi Everyone, I am thinking of getting a vintage LV Speedy for my collection. Just wondering if anyone has any advice/opinions on the vintage French Company pieces?

    Would you go for the modern-day Speedy with the upside down monograms or the French Company Speedy with the lock and right-side up monograms?
  2. i'd like the French Co. Speedy as an everyday drag-around bag. it's not as common as the present-day Speedy, and i don't think it sags as much because it's not one sheet of canvas going all the way round
  3. french co.! if you really want a modern speedy you can buy it anytime!
  4. I like the modern-day ones.
  5. I like the French Co vachetta, old-fashioned, and unique.
  6. I am not good at recognizing French co. vintage. Honestly, if I saw someone carrying it I would think it's a fake.
  7. how does a french co. speedy look like?
  8. I love the French Co Speedy and wouldn't want any other... It was my first LV many moons ago... I purchased a new Speedy and sold it. I hated it. I like that the LV's are upright on both sides of the bag on the French Co bags. :smile:

    Here's a pic of a French Co Speedy in excellent condition. It's mine... My only regret is that I can't blink my eyes and turn it into a French Co Speedy 35....
  9. ^^^ The patina on that is gorgeous
  10. Wow yours look PERFECT :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Anyone looking at that will seriously be persuaded to own one of these!! And I like the fact that it already comes with patina handles!! Gorgeous gorgeous speedy! Thanks for sharing her with us! :heart:
  11. I love the French Co. Speedy. Saw a lady at the grocery store with one and tried not to drool! :lol:
  12. Yeah and I think it ages so much better than the modern-day ones (oh oh! Am I swaying towards the French Co. ones already?!? :lol: ) The modern-day ones can end up with darn ugly dark handles...which you will need to change at LV for another sum of money if you want cleaner newer handles...hmmmm
  13. I bought one and sold it because it wasn't for me. I do LOVE the look of it but the fact that it wasn't in the condition I like my bags to be, I wasn't IN LOVE with it, you know? If you can find one in MINT condition, I would say GO FOR IT!!! It's def. very unique looking!:yes:
  14. I think as a throw around bad I would like it. It seems to hold up much much much better than the modern day ones. For my first speedy I almost purchased one but I am not glad that I chose the modern day one instead as I think it just looks better.
  15. isn't there a greyish-black corduroy french speedy floating somewhere on eBay? i remember it was $399 BIN and it's in a great condition
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