Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils for Dog Breeds

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  1. Just found these on the Better Homes & Gardens web site:

    Free downloadable pumpkin-carving stencils for the different dog breeds, from beagle to lab to pug. So cute! You have to register on the web site in order to download them.
  2. They are too cute! And they have a Bulldog pattern, too. :yahoo:
  3. Thanks!! I printed out one to do of my chihuahua. I love carving pumpkins, last year i saved the "guts" and carved it to look like he fell over and broke but I love the animals!
  4. How adorable! Thanks for sharing:biggrin:.
  5. Thanks! I printed off the Chihuahua one! I can't wait to carve pumpkins!!
  6. Aww no Boston Terrier?!? Still adorable stencils though!
  7. i used the chihuahua one since there was no pom stencil. maybe next year they'll add one :smile:

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  8. Cute! Too bad they don't have a Pit Bull. :sad: The Boxer might work though.