FREE MOVIE SCREENING in CA - Steve Carell movie!!

  1. OK all you Steve Carell fans............go to a FREE screening of his new movie set to be released October 26th. It's called "Dan In Real Life", rated PG-13. There are 4 dates to choose from but sorry it's only in Southern California!

    Thurs, Oct 4th 7:30pm @ AMC at The Block in Orange

    Tues, Oct 9th 7:30pm @ AMC Del Amo in Torrance

    Wed, Oct 10th 7:30pm @ Laemmle's One Colorado in Pasadena

    Thurs, Oct 11th 7:30pm @ Krikorian Metroplex in Buena Park

    Each invite admits TWO people.

    Click here to print OCT 4th invite

    Click here to print OCT 9, 10 & 11th invite
  2. Cool, thanks! I wonder if this movie will be any good.. I think SC has sort of pigeonholed himself, I'd hate to see him play the same type of character in this movie.