Sep 20, 2006
So, I'm moving out of the country b/c I found another job and plus my family lives back home. It's going to be a small asian firm, w/ ppl that do not really speak english. Verizon says to waive the early termination fee, I have to have my company send a letter of employment on their company letterhead. I said OK. So I ask my employer to right something up in english and fax it to verizon. I feel horrible already asking for my employer this b/c in my culture it's sort of rude for a young person to ask an older person for all these demands.

They tell me they sent the fax, but the letterhead doesn't show up. They call me saying I need to send them mortgage bills or utlility bills. I tell them I cannot b/c I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE ONE b/c I am going to be living with my parents...I will send them one, but it WILL NOT be in my name. They tell me "oh well then too bad". WTheck?!!?

I call my employer and ask them to re-fax it. Once again it doesn't show up, and verizon calls me and tells me this is unacceptable. She starts accusing me that I wrote something up on a word document and I faxed it..not my employer!!! I mean, do you think that I am an idiot!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?! If I was going to do that, DO YOU NOT THINK I WOULD HAVE MADE UP A LETTERHEAD MYSELF!?!?!?!?! Accusing me of such stupid behavior...

Now, I have to call my firm again, and have to ask them to re-send it making sure that the letterhead annoying. I understand all these contract rules and all, and I have been doing everything they ask. However, to accuse me of writing up my own employment letter on a blank word document with no letterhead is unexcusable.

I am never coming back to this country again. Who the heck cares if I bounce and make a non-payment. I have excellent credit b/c I never missed a bill for anything. Will this affect my credit score a lot? What will happen to me if I never pay???

Sorry so long..just so frustrated that they keep on telling me there is nothing they can do...when it is clear that I am moving out of the country. I told them I would send my plane ticket, my utility bill w/ my parent's name on it..just anything evidencing I am in Korea...and they say NO. UGH...just annoying..


Life is good...
Sep 16, 2006
Oh man, you dont need that stress on top of everything else that you have to deal with...:sad: Maybe talk to the manger/supervisor since the person you were talking to is useless:P I hope everything works out...


Feb 27, 2006
It will affect your credit score if you default on payment. They are being extremely unreasonable. You could always wait until you are there and fax it yourself. You may have to pay an extra month that way though. I'm sorry that they're being such jerks!!