Framboise and Happy Panda!

  1. Pandas and Framboise make me sooooo happy!!!:yahoo:
    Framboise and Panda smile.jpg Framboise and panda butt.jpg
  2. so cute!!!
  3. i (l) it
  4. oHhh (l) didn't come up to be emoticon :sad: den I LOVE IT!
  5. Oh, this matches so well! Love it!
  6. Very very pretty!!

    They look great together!
  7. That's too cute, they go perfectly together
  8. Adorable!
  9. is that the brentwood?
    I love it.

    how did u find a panda agenda?
  10. Very pretty! I still prefer the Houston over the Brentwood but your Brentwood is gorgeous!
  11. Nice............
  12. Cute!!!!!
  13. I love the color! Combined with the panda, you have two different looks: chic and fun. Good job!
  14. I loooove the Brentwood! Framboise is such a happy color and the Panda is tooo cute! :yahoo:
  15. Ooooh Brentwood, and the agenda is darling !