Fox Hunt - Help me find this H&M bag

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  1. Has anybody seen this at their local H&M or online yet?

    I found this on a German blog. Apparantly it was in one of those H&M magazines, is supposed to be released soon and would could cost around 20€. So far I wasn't able to find out anything else about it though.

    lol, so if anybody worldwide has seen this yet, please let me know so I can go on hunt it at my local H&Ms... :shame:

    Thank you! :kiss:
  2. omg that is cute. I love foxes!!! I haven't seen it yet (I'm in Canada). I will be looking for this also! We probably won't get it here :sad:
  3. Me too! I absolutely love foxes! lol, I just want the bag to look at it, I don't Even know how big it is! :P
  4. I bought it today in Hungary, so it's already in shops or will be in days. It's around 19x15 cms (7,5 x 5,9 inches)
  5. ^Nice to know. :smile: Thank you!
  6. Have you used any internet searches?
  7. I found this bag today in H&M Sheffield, UK! It's even cuter in real life!
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    Thank you!
  9. I'm in the states and after three H&Ms, I still have not seen this bag. Very cute! I'll be keeping an eye for it. Hope you eventually get the fox bag, OP! :flowers:
  10. I'm in Waterloo, ON, Canada, and I saw this bag at my local HM. Too cute!
  11. I haven't seen it, but now I will be on the hunt for it! I want it!
  12. That's so cute! I hope it comes to the states soon!
  13. I've seen it in the Singapore outlet. Well the workmanship is not that great. Looked cheaply made. Bag looks better in pic only.
  14. I saw it for the first time in H&M today!
  15. Hi all.

    I know that this thread was posted back in 2011 but does anyone know if it's still available for purchase anywhere? This is such a huge stretch but that bag is adorable and ever since I saw a couple of weeks ago on pinterest, I've been want want wanting it so bad.

    :biggrin: x