Foundation help for a newbie

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  1. my skin isn't smooth and it bugs me. it's mostly clear but always just seems bumpy (even though i exfoliate regularly) and i wanted something to smooth out my skin. but i kind of hate the way foundation feels. it's so heavy and i feel like i'm wearing a mask and all i want to do is scratch it off. but i really would like to even out my skintone....balance out my rosacea cheeks and extremely oily t-zone.

    i've tried benetint before but it was sooo heavy i just couldn't stand it. are there any nice, light feeling foundations? is what i'm saying even making any sense in terms of wearing a mask? i do'nt know, but i just want to start investing more time in my appearance but i would love the chance to smooth out my skin!
  2. I personally like the MAC studio Fix line.. I feel like it does smooth out and make your skin look like porceline.
  3. Have you tried mineral foundations? I just tried everyday minerals. I never even used to wear foundations because I felt the same you do. It felt heavy and like a mask. You can actually go to their website and they give out free samples, you just pay for shipping. It comes with 3 different shades, blush, and a concealer. It's $4 US. Not sure how much it would be for you. Still fantastic that you can try and try until you find your perfect shade. Plus I just ordered a brush and it's sooo soft. It gives me enough coverage and smoothness and gives me kind of a 'glow'.
  4. you want chanel teint innocence - the lightest and most natural looking liquid foundation ever! I don't really like the mineral foundations because they look cakey after a while. If you only need a light coverage, just use the tinted moisturizers - those are really light and natural as well but provide only a little bit of coverage.
  5. ^Chanel Teint Innocence is a GREAT foundation. Sara, since you don't like heavy foundations you would totally love Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF. It feels like NOTHING and it gives you a nice glowing complexion. The coverage is fairly light though, but if you really can't stand the foundation feel, you could try mixing the two products together. See if that works for you. Oh and try a primer before the foundation. Makes it last longer and it will help even out your skin.
  6. I would make a visit to a PS office or Dermatologist office first to see if there are any treatments you can do to improve your skin and THEN got the makeup route :yes:
  7. I agree with this! You can put almost anything on top of a primer and it will look great :tup:

    As far as actual foundations, Too Faced Magic Wand is really good at hiding subtle imperfections IMO and it feels light on the skin...
  8. visiting a dermatologist isn't something i can afford.

    i've never tried a primer, but i will totally go tomorrow and examine this chanel stuff. i'll write it down or i'll forget by the time i get to the store! the people at the counter will know enough to find the right shades and stuff.......i have no clue! i just want it to look natural and not caked on. my good friend loves to wear loads of foundation and concealer and powder and her skin is obviously pancaked and i don't want that look!