found this baby at an estate sale and need help..

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  1. is this baby authentic? my mom bought her at one of my uncles estate sales! $22!! i have a quick question, how do i clean the outside of the bag? its a lil dirty.

  2. FAKE. Look how crooked the monogram is.
  3. Yeah, you can really tell right below the zipper.
  4. LV Rawks, I love how I you and I bought our LVs on the same day.
  5. LOL...what did you get again? There are so many pretty bag posts here that I can't keep them all straight!
  6. I got my Saleya PM two Thursdays ago :smile:
  7. were the vintage pieces perfect?
  8. Ah yes, that's right!

    Sorry to hijack your thread here...The vintage pieces that I have seen were all "perfect", but I am not at all familiar with this style. Can you take some more pictures? Maybe of the may want to repost this in the authenticate this thread, they may be able to give it more attention.
  9. Yeah I do not recognize that style, and I guess we would need more pics.

    I'm sure that LV quality has been as close to perfect as possible for their entire 100+ years of existence.
  10. The patina is really interesting but I don't see any way this could be real with that row right below the zipper being as obviously crooked as it is.
  11. The stitching looks crummy too.
  12. Fake
  13. It almost looks like a Sac Plat with a zipper..
    Just because of the crooked-nes of the logos beneath the zipper, I say fake.
  14. I was thinking a sac plat too, but i dono.
  15. Based on the one picture I'd say fake. It just looks 'off' overall and in particular the crooked logo and brown shade of the leather straps.

    What style is it? Did you see a datacode?

    Don't be too bummed, you only paid $22.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.