Found the perfect purple earrings!! here's my last outlet buys for the week!!

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    hello all,

    just came back from my other outlet and they have jewelry there...i had seen these little things popping up on ebay for less than retail so i knew they were at the outlets...i was willing to buy them at full price or PCE price but i didn't have too!!! i called after closing last night and they put them on hold! I LOVE them:yahoo::yahoo:

    These are the Bonnie Flower Earrings for 27.44!! i think they were 49 but all the jewelry was marked down 30% so it was 34 plus another 20%

    i managed to walk out with only this...which is perfectly fine with me! i have been wanting it forever!



    i got this goody Multi Floral 27X27 for 17.99!

    i am a very happy outlet camper! it's the little things in life :ghi5:
  2. I love those earrings and the scarf is very cheerful, the scarf has a cute medallion sewn on the corner! I showed the earrings pic to my DH and they don't appeal to him but he's a guy. He says I shouldn't go get a pair. He's just trying to help me stay true to my ban.
  3. Pretty earrings! Love the scarf, too!
  4. i love the earrings...and for the love the coach coin thingy on the scarf...=)
    congrats on the pretty buys...=)
  5. awww...sorry oops:hugs:i kinda don't think accessories count as a ban, though...maybe that's just me? for the price it's definitely worth it!

    it was kinda bf is very picky about jewelry for me and just picky in general...but he actually liked them so much he was going to buy them for me...but i declined...
  6. ^^Aw, thank you for feeling for me but I think I will head over there for some earrings! hehe! I own no Coach jewelry except for a koi fish necklace and I love it.
  7. Cute, cute earrings! I picked up the same scarf Friday and I love it. Of course, it will probably reside in my bag as an alternative to using paper towels in public restrooms (a habit I picked up in Japan) or get doused with water and used to cool my brow, but at that price I want to actually use it.
  8. love those earrings!!!
  9. cute earrings, and a great price!! like the scarf too :smile:
  10. Pretty!
  11. Cute earrings. Are they heavy?
  12. As a purple fanatic, I say great find :tup:
  13. The earing are amazing and the scarf is beautiful.....enjoy
  14. Wow. I love those earrings. I have that keyfob. Nice scarf too.
  15. Cute earrings!! They're so you!