Found small red flap with bijoux chain!

  1. I thought these bags were sold out, but today I saw a small reissue (I think). I found the purse at the Saks Fifth Avenue in San Antonio. When I called the store in Vegas they said they were sold out. I would have bought it but I just got a new chanel for Christmas. Hope one of you pfr's can enjoy one of my favorite bags.
  2. How much was it?
  3. I think 2275, but honestly I don't remeber. I looked at so many bags.
  4. Are you thinking of the red Hydrid w/ mm lock?, because there was no red reissue for 2007.:nogood:
  5. I have the same thoughts too.....there isn't any red issue done:love:
  6. I think she's indeed talking about the hybrid with MM lock!
  7. may be it was the hibrid. It was still a georgous bag!