Found it! Plume Chamonix Natural....

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  1. Well, I found it....but look where it is.....

  2. I don't think I can post the link......but here's the site,
  3. It's a Japanese site :shame: I dont understand a thing..

    But they have TONS of birkins and kellys there! Love seeing the pics :love:
  4. I KNOW, Sarah.....I WISH I could copy and paste the exact link with the bag on it but no go. I'm gonna spend a few minutes here and try to pull up the translated link 'cause you've just got to see this bag. It's the exact one I'm drooling WOULD be my luck that it's in Japan!:blink: :blink: :blink:
  5. That is really gorgeous!
  6. Found it Shopmom! Gorgy! Which price is true, 718,200 or 207,900?

    Here's the pic for anyone to see.. taken from
  7. Love seeing all the pictures! :biggrin: I :heart: the Plume!
  8. I how do I get it????? Do I have to call Japan???? I think it's on sale for around $1875.00 USD from what I can figure out....but even translated I'm at a loss......
  9. This Plume is stunning Shopmom, is the price good ? I've no idea what the exchange rate is...:flowers:
  10. Duna.....well, I know this one is hard to come by evidentially (unless my SA can perform miracles but...) and I know that Plumes in general sell new for about $4,600 and up (depending on leather) so if this guy is approx. $1,875. then I'm thinking it's not a bad price. But, it's in JAPAN!!!! Wouldn't that just be my luck!?!?!?!
  11. Is there anyone that could help??!! You must get it!!!
  12. make me're so sweet.
  13. This is so beautiful! I hope you find a way to get it - price is amazing!
  14. Price sounds kind of low. How much wear do you think it has? Send them an email to verify wear and price. I'm sure they have someone who communicates in english.