Found a great small ring agenda PEN - !!!

  1. I was looking for a small, thin pen and just didn't want to spend a lot of money. I used to have the Zebra one and it's a piece of junk. :push: I have the small ring agenda.

    Found the Fisher Stowaway Space Pen! Cost me $8 plus $5 shipping. It has a cap that comes off and goes on the other end to write. Right now, I have it in my agenda with the thicker part (the cap) in the loop to stretch it a teeny bit.

    The best thing is that this is really a cool pen! It writes beautifully! An added bonus is that is also writes upside down, at all angles, extreme temps and even underwater. :rolleyes: I'm going to get another Fisher pen! :heart: It's also the same brand as a Seinfeld episode when Jerry accepts the pen from his dad's friend...

    Anyway - I was excited when it came in and thought I'd just pass along the info!

    I bought mine here:
    Stowaway - Fisher Space Pen

    And a couple of pics:
    PICT4251.JPG PICT4252.JPG
  2. Hey! Thanks for's always fun to know what works well! Looks good on your agenda too!
  3. Thanks! I'm going to order!
  4. Good deal Carol! I'll have to order a couple! =) Thanks!
  5. Thanks for sharing -that's just want I need for my small agenda
  6. Ooh, thanks!!!
  7. I hope y'all like it as much as I do if you order one!

    Wish it also came in gold, but only comes in black, red and blue... I'm ordering another red one from my Groom agenda and then a black one for my checkbook. I'm also getting the matte black space pen -- I just love the way this little red one writes so hope the big one is good, too!

    I needed another pen for my LV pen holder anyway. :p
  8. I just did! :yes: I hadn't seen that thread yet!
  9. Thanks so much:rolleyes: I've been looking for one!!!
  10. Thanks so much for the tip! Another example of why tPF is so great!:yahoo:
  11. This is just what I need! Thanks for posting!
  12. cute! thanx for the info! :smile:
  13. How cute! Thanks for posting!
  14. great pen! thanx for posting :smile: