Forum issues ?

  1. I normally use the old tPF purple skin and can't get it to work. I also am not seeing thread previews or avatars or signatures.

    I already checked my control panel and everything is set correctly, yet, not working.

    Anyone else having problems ?
  2. I use the old skin and everything is fine for me:yes:
  3. Are you using a mobile device? If so, which one?
  4. Ah-that might be it! I am using a Dell Axim X50.

    I just now logged on using my house desktop and everything is fine-but, still screwy when I log on through my Axim.
  5. Well, it is not screwy, it's the new mobile-optimized skin.
  6. Sooo, does that mean everytime I log on from my blackberry I won't be able 2 see previews of threads ect. Like yesterday?
  7. You can switch back to the other skins in the Control Panel if you'd like.