Forum advice please!

  1. I have this other forum that I frequent that's for bloggers and I love it to bits and pieces. Not like I love this one, but a different kind of love.

    It's a little over a year old and when it started it was wonderful- lots of members, lots of conversation, good times all around. Then the holidays came and we lost a bunch of people. Then summer came and we lost a bunch more. Now we're down to a very small core group and we desperately want to rebuild.

    How do you get the word out there? How do you get people to stick around to a new forum?

    What would it take to get you (hypothetically) to stick around a forum that right now, just isn't hopping?
  2. Any thoughts would be appreciated. :yes:
  3. Hi there, Im not sure if this is any help.

    But on a personal level, I keep coming back here bc of all of the wonderful & funny people that are on here.

    As for the topics of discussions too!

    Good luck...
  4. Visit blogs that are on the same subject.
  5. it HAS to rock. . . if it doesn't then it won't fly.
    It HAS to appeal to the masses like tPF:love: or people won't stay interested.
    ^^ITA, this is probably not a good place for this kind of advice. . . it's more of a marketing question.