Foresta Trenio on ebay...

  1. i know I saw!! too bad I JUST bought a paradisio trenino from SH earlier today!!!

    Good luck! I hope a fellow TPFer gets it!!
  2. my roommate needs to get home so she can buy it!
  3. lol is she looking for one?
  4. I had Tokidokiangel pick me up one at Filenes in NY last week, so she's mailing me out mine this week!! I"m thrilled. I've never spent tha tmuch on a Toki, but I told my boyfriend the price was a bit lower than what I paid...they never understand the need..
  5. congrats! :biggrin: as much as i love foresta..i dont think id be needing one this big :lol:
  6. I was just going to post it, but you guys beat me! I like my inferno trenino better but the foresta one is super cute. Someone on the forum better get it. I like the blue bird on the front.
  7. sooooooooooooooooooo who won it? :biggrin:
  8. yikes! BIN at $275!! it was $198 at Felines! i told tokidokiangel if she happens to see another one at another store to call me lol.. but not to go out of her way..
    wonder if she's a Tpfer?
  9. When you are in Mexico, you can't buy cheap bags, and I don't have time to tell someone to pick me a trenino.

  10. Oh was that you? Congratulations! That makes sense!! I think i'd do that too if I didn't have easy access. :p
  11. :yes: thanks!

  12. congrats Adi!!! :biggrin::yahoo:
  13. Thanks! :yahoo: