For those with the new Hamptons in Berry.......

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  1. Just curious what you color(s) you are wearing her with. I have the Hobo in berry and will most likely be wearing her with greys and blacks. What about you? I'm so fashion challenged that I really don't know what else will go with this beautiful color.

  2. I just bought the fashion satchel in berrry and khaki and I think I might return it cause I can not put it with anything.
  3. to me it can be almost like a "neutral"... but that's for the colors I wear mostly. I envision myself using it for browns, greys, blacks, jeans, navy, pinks/purples, and even some shades of green and blue.

    I do not see myself using it with brighter/lighter colors like orange or yellow or biege- but then again I do no really use those colors often.
  4. I don't own one but if I did I would wear it with pretty much anything, with the exception of maybe orange and red. :tup:
  5. I think this colour can be worn with a lot of different colours. Try to pair it with only one other colour plus neutrals or neutrals and a pattern(if that makes sense lol) For example I think this would go well with say jeans, wedges in a camel colour and a flower print top (what i was wearing yesterday at work and I was actually picturing in my head how great it would have looked with this bag!)
  6. This color is really neutral - it will go with black, greys, blues, browns, pinks - pretty much everything except the warmer gold/orange/yellow tones!
  7. I have a bag that color ( not coach) and tend to wear it as my pop of color. If i'm wearing black, grey. brown or beige. It seems to work for both summer and winter :smile: Enjoy your new bag!

    check this thread out, it might give you some idea's.
  8. I have the berry satchel and I plan to wear it with everything! I also have a basic, neutral colored wardrobe with mostly solids, so i think it will work with most of my clothes. I also am waiting for fall to use mine, and I think it will look beautiful agains my nice black winter coat, paired with a Legacy stripe scarf around my neck!!
  9. I find purple and berry tones very usable!
  10. I plan on wearing her with everything. Most of my wardrobe is solida colors or tops and skirts that have these jewel tones to them. It doesn't have to match, it just has to go. Or so Stacey London always says on WNTW. I love this bag. I may end up using her more than my black leather zoe and carly. The color and leather is just yummy.
  11. Thanks for all of your ideas. I think I need to get over the thought that everything has to "match". I'm so excited for fall to get here so I can start wearing her.
  12. i would wear it with any color - including reds, yellows and oranges (especially like darker fall-y oranges and gold-ish yellow). it's such a great purple and it really is a pseudo-neutral.
  13. So looks good with everything!!! I use her almost daily, I'm a teacher so I wear lots of black, khaki pants with colored shirts.
  14. I tend to buy a bag and wear it to death, so I'm wearing my berry Carryall with everything! Part of the reason I love the berry color so much is that it can go with virtually anything-black AND brown, gray, blues, greens, etc. The only color I was iffy on was maybe red with it, but I only own maybe 1 red sweater. I even like the idea of it with yellow/orange!
  15. I buy bags that go with everything... I'm not a matchy matchy person when it comes to that.