For Those with 05 Paddingtons

  1. I was wondering the zipper is made of on the inside. The teeth of mine are plastic, and I have a grenat.
  2. I have a choco and a bleu nuit, both are plastic teeth
  3. There may be a few random exceptions (there is a great authenticity thread for Paddys on this board, it mentions this) but my understanding is the vast majority of 05's have plastic teeth - mine do :tup:
  4. All of my '05's have the plastic teeth as well:smile:
  5. Yeppers, plastic.
  6. Mine had plastic teeth too.
  7. mine seems like metal:confused1:
  8. I am pretty sure my 05 tan has plastic.
  9. my sable, tan, grenat, and blue nuit (all 05) all have plastic teeth...