For those who ordered a bag from 1-888-vuitton..

  1. How did your bag arrive? Did you receive a box and a bag? Does a catalog come with it? I ordered a Cerises Pochette last week; just curious as to how it will be packaged. Is it different than the E-Lux way of packaging?
  2. I didn't order a bag, but I ordered a bracelet. It didn't come with a bag (I assume you mean shopping bag?), but it came with the LV box, and the LV pouch. No, it didn't come with a catalog, but they weren't out when I got my bag anyways.
  3. It comes exactly the way Elux packages it, if you look at the return address, it's the same as Elux's, they use the same warehouse.
  4. I ordered through the 866# for the first time last week. I ordered 2 different accessory pochettes (the ones that come with the mono petite bucket and the damier marais). The SA located them at two different stores but I only had to pay one shipping charge. One came last week from Tampa, FL. They placed the pochette inside one of those LV envelope thingies. The only other thing inside the box was the receipt inside an envelope, and there was a little tissue around it to protect it. The other came from Soho, NY. This pochette was placed in a dustbag (these pochettes do not come with dustbags) and then had tissue wrapped neatly around it with an LV sticker. Then, it was placed inside an LV shopping bag. Then wrapped up nicely in tissue to protect it. The receipt was inside an envelope, but there was also a very nice hand written thank you note, which really impressed me. I've purchased a few things at my local boutique and never got a thank you note. So it really depends on what store it is coming from as to how it will be packaged.
  5. Interesting...the service rep said that my bag was being shipped from NYC. It would be nice to get a catalog!
  6. I bet if you had asked at the time you placed the order and they had one available, they would have sent you one. I didn't ask because I had already gotten one at my local boutique.
  7. it depends on where the item is located. when i had ordered a catalog it came in Elux packaging with its address. when i had ordered other items that were found at different boutiques, they came in rather messy packaging packed by the sales associates but all my items came with shopping bag, box, and dust bag.
  8. My Experience With "866" Is: Your Purchaes Comes From The Store They Locate It At.

    Becca ~ Give NYC A Call If They Haven't Shipped It Yet Maybe They Will Include One Or Send It Seperate.

    Shopping Addict ~ I Love LV Soho ~ I've Always Had The Best Service.....It's A Joy To Go In There! I'm Glad They Took Such Good Care Of You!!!!! :smile:
  9. that was my experience too. i had bought a wallet for DH for fathers day a couple of years ago. it was suppose to ship from south coast plaza only fathers day arrived and still no wallet.when i called the store, they called the sa at home, she came to the store and called me very apologetic. did not due me any good i was beyond PO'd.
    they overnighted the wallet, refunded my shipping, sent me a catalog and LV candles in a case.
    will never order from 1-888 again.